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Saturday, July 2, 2005
17 years ago


Mr Tyler

Google Press Office

Re our phone conversation just now

You asked me to email over my questions, so here they are

I have ample evidence – from her our mouth in fact, that this girl – (who hates me because I got her sacked from a fraudulent company, which is running a major fraud for a serial conman whom I have been investigating for several years, whom I have written a bylined expose on in the Sunday Express and whom I am now helping the BBC do an item on) who is a member of a hate group intimidating me to death (my MP has written to the British Home Secretary three times about this gang and their hate website dedicated to me and I am taking legal action against the ringleaders – including her) is now harrassing me to death all day – while at work – and all night – deliberately and maliciously using Gmail – as she knows that her employer can not be traced by me, as Gmail supresses the originating IP address

So this leads to question one:

1. Why does Gmail supressess the originating IP address – thus making it impossible for someone being targeted, as I am, to trace the employer whose servers are being abused in this way . All other RESPONSIBLE web mail services such as Hotmail do . AFAIK only Hushmail and Ziplip dont

Hushmail is now used by most of the world's anarchists , animil rights extremists and others who want to intimidate and harrass people by email

Ziplip – as a result of loads of complaits I suspect – no longer offers a free service, as Hushmail still does

I see no good legitimate reason why Gmail does not show the originating IP adddress in your headers – and just provides a 'criminals' charter'

2. When I made a series of complaints to Gmail re this girls abusive series of emails to me (and it does not matter whether you 'see anything bad in them' or not'., the fact still remains that I have repeated told her to stop sending me abusive emails by Gmails and she has refused . This would give good reason by a responsible ISP to suspend the account.- Not email me what your abuse team did: – 'We are not here to 'mediate'.....etc etc'

I was not asking Gmail to 'mediate'.

I was asking Gmail to take action against this person, who is blatently and maliciously abusing your service as part of her gang's criminal actions against me

So why did Gmail send me that, then?

The Gmail TAC, which I was referred to, seems to be in line with other mail services TAC , in that people who abuse the service can be given a warning or thrown off the service

3. Re questions one and two above – Don't you think that Gmail is being totally irresponsible in encouraging the abuse of their service?

I don't care how many zillion Gigabytes of storage space, Gmail is offering users this week

I DO, however, care about Gmail's totally irresponsible attitude to and actual encouragement of abuse through their mail system


Ian Gomeche

IKG Associates

Lady Leonara [PersonRank 0]

17 years ago #

I would advise anyone reading this to go to and search for the above author: Ian Gomeche.

Failing this, please visit and

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