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Will The Semantic Web be Web 3.0? ... Will This Be the Next Google? [PersonRank 10]

Sunday, April 8, 2007
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Radar Networks launching their Technology in the Summer – could this semantic tech revolutionized Search Engines algos like Link Popularity did in the Nineties?

The buzz is already spreading... ...,121 ... ...

Philipp Lenssen [PersonRank 10]

10 years ago #

I hope people won't use the term "Web 3.0". The term "Web 2.0" is already annoying enough :)
Besides, Semantic Web technologies have been around for long, and smart companies like Google often impress more with their "lower-case semantic web" parser AI... ...

Sramana Mitra [PersonRank 0]

10 years ago #

I have developed my own definition of Web 3.0, and differ on the viewpoint that Semantic Web would be the essence of the next generation of the Internet. Please read this: . And for a series of examples, you can see my analysis of the Personal Finance category from a Web 3.0 perspective: .


Peter Rip [PersonRank 0]

10 years ago #

I am one of two VC investors in Radar.

Let's not let the Hype Machine get ahead of ourselves here. Radar is and will be a cool service, but it is not a replacement for Google. Radar's use of semantic web technologies is NOT going to automagically change the Web. Radar's building a cool next-generation application, not a search engine.


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