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Google's Offline Efforts

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007
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Google's Adwords and Adsense is successful because of Google's relevance in search. Search made adsense a destination which fueled its advertising networks.

But in Google's offline effort they would need to gain relevance in offline efforts for advertisers to begin taking them seriously. They can do this by either connecting people to offline information or by migrating offline info online.
How is google doing this so far:
1. Google Desktop – connect to PC info offline, but does not provide much relevance to gain advertisers.
2. Google Maps/Google Earth – connects people to local info. Modest relevance here, and already gaining some advertiser interest. Local info can help get google in newspaper ads with the right mix.
3. Google Base – bringing all sorts of offline info online, and then building ads around it. Not working so well.
4. Mobile Efforts – Not popular enough yet to gain advertisers, but has alot of potential.
5. YouTube – bring video offline, online. Much relevance, if the issues can be worked out, this can gain inroads for ads for TV networks.
6. Google Books – bring offline books online. This can gain google some relevance in the print world if some issues can be worked out.

I think so far google's offline advertising efforts have not worked because their products that target offline info is not relevant enough yet to the offline world, so advertisers ignore them. Which product do you think has the most potential to give google offline relevance, or will they need something new.

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Great post. I think they are betting on an "always on" world very soon.

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