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The other best practice ?

/pd [PersonRank 10]

Sunday, April 15, 2007
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is it good to snitch on other sites ?? What happens if there is an orchestrated campaign to bring down a site's via rthe eport-back protocol / form that Google proposed ? How does google notify the siteowner that certain reports are coming in or How will I know what other's are saying about my site ??

Matt has more on his blog to ;

Secondly, of what business is it of google about a site's buisness relationship with another company ??

Roger Browne [PersonRank 10]

15 years ago #

I think I'll report most of Google's search results pages for being stuffed with paid links.

I really hope that Matt meant to refer to paid links that are not labelled as such. [PersonRank 10]

15 years ago #

[moved from "Good-bye WEBSITE, We can no longer make any money from you!!"]

Paying for Links – verses – NOT Paying
Selling Direct Links – versus – Using Redirects or NoFollow


   Argument #1

Argument #2

   • Paid links are REVIEWED for quality…

   • Paid links are a way for Free Directory Webmasters to immediately filter out Good Websites from a ton of free submissions…

   • Paid links are the only way the average Webmaster of a commerical service can get some rankings and exposure…….The small biz owner does NOT have the clout of the large firms offering similar services and products………If Google is going to penalyze small Websites – then are they going to penalyze Large Firms who get their Press Releases published in HUNDREDS of blogs and Websites within DAYS of release????
Will Google penalyze large Websites for making Deals as Advertisers in order to get a REVIEW from some columnist??????
What will happen will Google succesfully kills off any opportunity a small website has of being competative – and just have SERPs of nothing but large firms engaging in Advanced SEO and selling everything under the sun?????
Large firms get links constantly – from Rumours, from changes in Executive Personnel, from High Profle Hirings, form Link Bait, from MULITI-MILLION DOLLAR PR CAMPAIGNS that have nothing to do with the quality of their products of services, from make a deal ‘ADVERTISING’ campaigns, from…………………………………… and …..and ….

There has to be a balance. This is the ONLY WAY a small commerical site can get some business. Even informational sites are doing this to get noticed. There may be some who take it to the extreme – but it does NOT reflect the realities of the masses who are doing this to survivve and thrive.

And the rule about ‘if you have something good, someone will find it’ – no longer holds true in this very crowded webspace (look how many lost gems have been discovered by DIGG or REDDIT top members in the past two years) What if there were no Digg? And these are informational sites – WHO IS GOING TO Submitt and DIGG a commercial sites unless THEY are paid to do it????????????????????

Is this advocacy a real attempt by Google to force as many small websites as possible to use ADWORDS because they will no longer get rankings on Google.
GIVE US your money to place on our SERPS, we will make it useless for you to give any to others!!!!

Even small companies can NOT compete with the Search Marketing budget of Large Companies – so they can always be outbidded and out marketed

Will Google really be happy and feel like it has achieved something – once the little guy has run out of every conceivable way to thrive and compete over the Web – and throws his hands up and says ...That’s it- we can not survive on our Web business anymore!!! …………. Well,..well, …will it?! [PersonRank 10]

15 years ago #

It is extremely unfortunate that that thread was moved – it was DIGGED and now people are coming up with a NO PAGE FOUND

So much work went in to that topic – to have it as a mere reply

Also, the two posts are not really related – they have totally different themes and emphasis

Philipp Lenssen [PersonRank 10]

15 years ago #

Sorry Search-Engines-Web, that wasn't good of me to move it then. Do you know where's the Digg thread? I might make a redirect...

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