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Alwin Garside [PersonRank 0]

Wednesday, July 27, 2005
18 years ago

Hi there,

I just wanted to announce that I opened the site, a
community for Hello users, wether they are just beginners or more
experienced users.
The plan is that this will be the first, biggest and best all-out Hello
community to support and promote Hello as much as possible while it's
still growing.

The site still has a way to go but I'm wondering what you people think
of it so far. I'm spending all my free time on it now, fixing up the
PHP and adding content etc.

What you can find at this site so far:
- News / Blog
- Simple 'What is Hello'/'Getting Started' support for the complete
- Download Page
- phpBB forum

What I'm working on right now: (will be added in the days to come)
- Hello Promotional material to link on sites
- Invitation form in various languages
- Full multi-language support for the complete site (English, Dutch and
Portuguese to start with.)

If you wanna help out, then send a mail to: m...[put at-character here]

I'm looking for:
- Bloggers (give me a link to your own blog)
- Translators
- Moderators
- Artists (for promo buttons)
- Visitors (hey that's what a site is all about right?)

If you have any other good idea for the site, big or small, don't
hesitate to contact me:
m...[put at-character here]

or add 'SpreadHello' to your Hello Friends list.

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