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Google to Reveal Data?

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Tuesday, May 1, 2007
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The Mumbai Mirror paper in well mumbai reports that orkut will share viral data like IP addresses and shut down groups. ...

they used to shut down groups.. which i feel is good.. they had anti-religin.. anti-india groups and so on..
the article goes on to say that the IP's might be used to track people! Is this a beginning of a new trend by google?

however one should keep in mind any sort of news or disrespect against any of the leaders or religion does cause massive havoc in the city leading to killings!

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13 years ago #

yes this has noted in infoworld too. Its not new as such, other south american counties have the same processes.. ...

however at that time .. "there was no question of Google sharing IP addresses with the Indian police without the appropriate legal process being followed."

if IP data is being shared w/agencies in India, that certainly is a different level of operations. I don't think that google will do that.. What they are doing is just blocking and bringng down forum /content.. just like they have done in previous cases!!

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