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Google Shareholders Reject Anti-censorship Resolution

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Friday, May 11, 2007
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Wrote global privacy counsel, Peter Fleischer.

"Companies like Google are trying to be responsible corporate citizens," Fleischer wrote, "and sometimes we are told to do different things by different government entities, or to follow conflicting legal obligations. It's hard enough to get different government entities to talk to each other inside one country. When you multiply this by all the countries where Google must comply with the laws, the potential conflicts are enormous. Nonetheless, Google is committed to providing its users around the world with one consistent high level of data protection." ...

Does this mean that Google pursues an overall strategy that is country dependent. The info one sees in Burma, may not be the same that one sees in UK/ US. Does this mean that Google supporting countries that suppress information and censorship!!

I think this is just business wisdom, but as Corporate entity with a lot of power Google also provide strong leadership in overcoming such countries of suppression and censorship too.. by just saying NO.. to these countries. Is it not ethical to combat censorship ?

What is your thoughts

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