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Zest [PersonRank 0]

Friday, May 18, 2007
12 years ago1,830 views

Hi, am trying to get hold of a list of all Google domain sites, including all international sites etc Can anyone help?

James Xuan [PersonRank 10]

12 years ago #, de ,, fr, com, pretty mucch everything.

/pd [PersonRank 10]

12 years ago #

TOny's blog has been my trackpoint for cutting edge serivce info ...

and for domain tracking I use NEtcraft ...

Tony Ruscoe [PersonRank 10]

12 years ago #

I'm only listing subdomains (and this is the correct link): ...

You might want to try this page for domain names Google owns:

(BTW, the Google query I used was just [google domains] so you could have easily found that page yourself!)

Be warned though – that list is *very* inaccurate because it also lists all domains that are pointing to Google's servers even if they don't own them.

And no matter how many times people point that out to the author, he seems reluctant to make it clear at the top of the page. Maybe he just doesn't get how DNS works...

Philipp Lenssen [PersonRank 10]

12 years ago #

Ooold overview which merely counted the number of result pages for [*] for different country domains: ...

The pages hosted (and indexed) on went from about 32,600 in 2003 to about 5,560,000 today... not bad.

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