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  1. Social Media: «Have something to share or something to say related to social media? Join the conversation here and let's get social!»
    278 members
  2. FriendFeed News: «The latest updates, blogs and news stories on FriendFeed»
    214 members
  3. RWW: «Readin' and writing on the web - a discussion space for http://readwriteweb.com friends and family.»
    140 members
  4. FriendFeed Rooms: «Discussion surrounding friendfeed rooms. Post link to other public rooms etc.»
    123 members
  5. Twitter: «Still persevering with twitter? You're not alone. Come here to complain, commiserate, praise, or otherwise discuss our favorite and most hated site.»
    120 members
  6. Social Computing Strategist: «You are a social media strategist, one who is responsible for the long term direction, program planning of the social media efforts at your company»
    109 members
  7. FriendFeed Feedback: «Ideas, suggestions, and feedback for FriendFeed»
    105 members
  8. Rooms Feedback: «Ideas, suggestions, and feedback on the FriendFeed "rooms" feature»
    98 members
  9. Scripting News: «A place to discuss topics on Scripting News, I think. :-)»
    89 members
  10. Social Media Enthusiasts: «A room for people to discuss Social Media,New Media & Online Meida»
    89 members
  11. Persian Cam: «a Room for IRANIAN Cameraman-woman to share Photos & Video Clips ـ اتـاق عكـس و فيـلم پـارسـيان ـ»
    88 members
  12. ProBlogger Friend Feed Room: «ProBlogger Room on FriendFeed - a place for discussing all things Professional Blogging»
    84 members
  13. ScobleRoom: «A room for talking to me, Robert Scoble»
    67 members
  14. Friendfeed上说中文: «当你Share Something的时候,心里大概也会想着,信息分享到哪里去才有意义呢?在Friendfeed上说中文,祝你玩得开心^ ^»
    58 members
  15. ایرانیان فرندفید: «گروهی برای گردآوری ایرانیان فرندفید. امید است این گروه بتواند با گسترش خود به تریبونی برای بیان نظرات کاربرا...»
    56 members
  16. وبلاگستان: «هدف از این گروه دعوت وبلاگستان به جمعی صمیمی و پرتلاش با هدف ارتقای وبلاگستان فارسی است. ممنون ورتان و ..»
    56 members
  17. FriendFeedFriends: «FriendFeed Friends Group on LinkedIn»
    52 members
  18. Linkedin.com: «ONLY ADD YOUR LINKEDIN PROFILES. A "Marketing Myself" room for networking with Linkedin.com profiles. Own comments are for marketing yourself. Other comments and likes will be your motivation. (Pu...»
    51 members
  19. FastCompany.TV: «This is a room to discuss FastCompany.TV»
    50 members
  20. Invites: «This room is to request and share invites for private beta web services»
    50 members
  21. twitteruser: «برای اعضای توییتر»
    49 members
  22. DSLR: «DSLR»
    48 members
  23. australia: «The continent, in FF form!»
    45 members
  24. Obamamania: «For Obama fans everywhere (or, at least at FriendFeed)»
    43 members
  25. weblog: «anything about weblogs»
    40 members
  26. German: «"Man spricht deutsch" - FriendFeed room for the German web scene. Everyone may join, but German is the preferred language in this room. Also for discussion of topics that are relevant for people...»
    39 members
  27. Laughing Squid: «Laughing Squid's room on FriendFeed»
    39 members
  28. Elite Tech News: «Tech bloggers who produce the Elite Tech News Podcast and contribute to the l33t Reddit»
    38 members
  29. RE.net: «A room for all of the RE.net friendfeed folks out there»
    38 members
  30. sysadmin: «A room to share about system administration»
    37 members
  31. Blogoscoped: «For now, a test room from Google Blogoscoped.»
    36 members
  32. The Life Scientists: «A room for all the life science types on FriendFeed (and everyone we've co-opted)»
    36 members
  33. Best of YouTube: «Best YouTube videos»
    33 members
  34. Flickr Central: «Flickr Central»
    33 members
  35. Miss Twitter: «انتخاب میس توییتر و حواشی آن»
    33 members
  36. techcrunch room: «lets talk about techcrunch»
    33 members
  37. Graphic: «about graphic»
    32 members
  38. Twitter is down: «Twitter is down! Refugees camp here»
    32 members
  39. TwitterFun: «About Twitter»
    32 members
  40. go2web20: «Go2web20 is a comprehensive index of logos of the latest web 2.0 applications and services. Feel free to share any web 2.0 service here that you think should be listed in the directory. http...»
    32 members
  41. Tech Bloggers: «Just a place for tech bloggers to engage in a private echo chamber. Also to chat.»
    30 members
  42. Technology at Play: «Gadgets, Science, Video Games, Robots, and any other technology that perks the pleasure centers of your brain!»
    30 members
  43. coolPics: «in here we discuss about cool Pictures»
    30 members
  44. persian: «all about iran»
    29 members
  45. Security Twits: «A place for network security professionals and those just interested in network security to convene on FriendFeed»
    28 members
  46. wordpress: «گروهی برای کاربران wordpress.com و wordpress.org. شما نیز می توانید در این روم درباره وردپرس به بحث و تبادل نظر بپردازید»
    28 members
  47. Gobigalways: «You know what to do.»
    27 members
  48. Ubuntu: «Open Source,Open Minds,Open Future»
    27 members
  49. 汶川大地震: «关于汶川大地震的room,希望大家能将信息共享到这里,形成一个汇总。»
    26 members
  50. LouisGrayish: «all about, by and for Louis Gray»
    25 members
  51. twitt: «برای اعضای توییتر»
    25 members
  52. Oracle: «For anyone interested in Oracle databases, applications and related technologies.»
    24 members
  53. The Talk Show: «A Room for The Talk Show.»
    24 members
  54. gnome: «میز کار گنوم»
    24 members
  55. singaporeans: «For Singaporean bloggers, twitter-ers, podcasters, and lolcatz lovers.»
    24 members
  56. Brasileiros: «sala para os brasileiros no friendfeed»
    22 members
  57. badpitchblog: «A spot on Friend Feed to discuss media relations and share/find media relations links designed to improve relationship between PR and the Fourth Estate.»
    22 members
  58. france: «france»
    22 members
  59. Battlestar Galactica: «Discuss the show, add links to whatever BSG related stuff you like. Unsure how we'll handle *spoilers*...»
    21 members
  60. Linux: «Open Source,Open Minds,Open Future»
    21 members
  61. pacificIT: «A room for pacificIT.»
    20 members
  62. آی تی نویسان: «گروهی برای جمع کردن آی تی نویسان فارسی»
    20 members
  63. Türkçe: «Türkçe içerik üretimini motive etmeyi amaçlıyoruz. Sonuna kadar!»
    19 members
  64. deutschland: «helpline for german talking friendfeed users»
    19 members
  65. Designers Who Design Things: «For anyone that feels they design things in their life.»
    18 members
  66. Perspolis: «کلوپ هوادران پرسپولیس ایران»
    18 members
  67. 1938 Media: «A room of our own.»
    17 members
  68. Republican Politics: «A room for Republican FriendFeed users.»
    17 members
  69. 互联网每日新网站集合: «网络上最新的网站,最近的网站更新内容都在这里可以找到»
    17 members
  70. Comcast Q&A: «Got Comcast Questions? We'll try to get you answers. Need a direct line? The local office is usually best, but if that isn't working, Twitter @ComcastCares or write to we_can_help@cable.comcast.com»
    16 members
  71. Environment: «Discussion and media sharing related the Environment, Green Technology, Sustainability, and allied topics.»
    16 members
  72. Photochallenge: «The FriendFeed room for Photochallenge.org»
    16 members
  73. Photowalking: «Photowalking Room»
    16 members
  74. Russian: «Из России с любовью»
    16 members
  75. iranianrooms: «در اين روم، ليست روم‌هايي كه توسط ايرانيان در فرندفيد ايجاد شده را خواهيد يافت»
    16 members
  76. Geek Tech Chat: «a place for geeks to geek out about gadgets and other stuff»
    15 members
  77. Podcasters: «A gathering place for podcast producers»
    15 members
  78. Social Web: «Everyone interested in SW phenomena: academics, researchers, web activists, marketing consultants, entrepreneurs»
    15 members
  79. scribkin: «A room for scribkin readers to discuss related or unrelated topics of the day.»
    15 members
  80. shiraz: «all about shiraz»
    15 members
  81. 产品设计: «欢迎所有中国的互联网产品设计者»
    15 members
  82. Barack The Vote: «For the election of Barack Obama to the presidency of the U.S.A.»
  83. Baseball: «Let's talk about Baseball.»
  84. Django Users: «A place for anyone who uses Django.»
  85. GraffitiCMS: «All about Graffiti CMS!»
  86. Post Twit-Out: «Here is where you can discuss Twitter's efforts for improving their service»
  87. blogfa: «designers»
  88. Friend Feed FAQ: «Got questions about Friendfeed? This is where to ask and get answers»
  89. Getting Things Done: «Productivity talk for GTD Enthusiasts and Practitioners.»
  90. Indiana Jones 4: «da da da deeee, da da doooooo, da da da deeee, da da doo doo doo»
  91. OpenSource: «Open Source,Open Minds,Open Future»
  92. Photoshop: «Anything related to Adobe Photoshop»
  93. SharePoint Talk: «SharePoint topics - anything goes!»
  94. Twitter Apps: «Know of a cool app, tool or service for Twitter? Share it here. There's really only 3 rules for this room. #1. No BLATANT advertising. #2. Only one listing per app, tool or service. ...»
  95. blogs: «Post your favorite blog links!»
  96. singularity: «a room about technological singularity»
  97. PR-Blogger: «Feedback und Themenideen zu http://www.pr-blogger.de»
  98. Question: «Ask questions, get answers - help out with the answer if you can!»
  99. Thomas Hawk: «Thomas Hawk»
  100. UCD中国应用组织: «集中优秀的UCD领域从业者,推动商业实践应用.»
  101. WorkFast: «A room to talk about WorkFast.TV on FastCompany.tv»
  102. a2b3: «lunch, thursday, eastern accents, you're invited»
  103. 小白兔的胡萝卜儿: «大白兔冲着小白兔大叫:你他妈的要是再敢用胡萝卜当鱼饵,我就扁死你!»
  104. Bristol: «Bristol, UK Discussions in and about Bristol.»
  105. Community Server: «The Community Server room!»
  106. Edmonton: «For anyone and everyone in and around Edmonton!»
  107. JohnMcCain2008: «Supporters of Jon McCain for President in 2008»
  108. PitchEngine: «Social Media PR updates, news and opinions.»
  109. roozi: «I am roozi»
  110. webdevelopers: «Talk about all things about and related to web development»
  111. 1 Gramm für lau: «Description»
  112. 1Password: «1Password, AllBookmarks, the AWS team, our amazing customers. One awesome Friendfeed room.»
  113. 2008 Elections: «For news and discussions about the 2008 Election cycle. Congressional, state, Presidential - you name it.»
  114. 30 Segundos (beta): «É um teste. Mas pode servir caso você queira comentar alguma coisa sobre publicidade, propaganda, mídias sociais e marketing. Ou ainda, você pode só entrar aqui para jogar conversa fora! Mas ...»
  115. 3Dcamp: «For 3Dcamp Limerick»
  116. 3Giphone: «3G iPhone»
  117. 9/11 Truth: «Discuss the Truth about 9/11 and the Need for a Real Investigation»
  118. 914ev: «Builders & Drivers of electric 914's.»
  119. 94301: «room for 94301!»
  120. AARRR: «A room all about AARRR, startup metrics for pirates.»
  121. ADN.es: «Comparte y comenta la información con los usuarios de ADN.es.»
  122. Affiliate Marketing: «affiliate marketing»
  123. Ajaxian: «A place to talk about all things Ajax.»
  124. Amazee: «This is the Amazee room, everything amazee goes here! www.amazee.com»
  125. Android: «All about Android—the Open Handset Alliance's mobile phone platform.»
  126. Andy Roberts: «Andy Roberts http://distributedresearch.net/blog»
  127. Anthropology: «A room dedicated to anthropology, the study of humans across all time and place.»
  128. AntiEntropic: «The root moral law: "Fight Entropy"»
  129. Aperture: «For Apple Aperture Users»
  130. Apple Fans: «Do you love MacBook, iPod, iPhone, or Leopard?»
  131. Application Express: «Just like APEX room»
  132. AppsLab: «Oracle AppsLab»
  133. ArizonaCardinals: «for fans»
  134. Ars Technica: «A room for readers of Ars Technica!»
  135. Asheville: «asheville, nc»
  136. Atlanta: «all folks and things atlanta, come on come over»
  137. Austin, Texas: «The live music capital of the world.»
  138. Azzurri: «A room for fans of the Italian soccer team»
  139. B2B Connections: «news»
  140. BLACKBOOK: «Creative Forum»
  141. Backup Brain: «A place to possibly discuss the goings on (or lack thereof) at backupbrain.com»
  142. Basketball: «Talk about anything and everything basketball - professional, collegiate, or otherwise.»
  143. Bath: «This is a Bath Room»
  144. Bathroom: «the crap you wish you could post on other groups»
  145. Bedroom: «Do you love FF more than Scoble? Share your story!»
  146. Beijing-2008: «One World,One Dream.»
  147. Big Lebowski: «The Dude is the ultimate Friend on FF. But very Dude like and NSFW.»
  148. Biology: «Biology»
  149. Bitelia: «Software y Web 2.0»
  150. Blackberry: «Discuss the RIM Blackberry»
  151. Blogging: «A room for talking about Blogging.»
  152. Blogtips: «Tips for blogging, building traffic, and making money online.»
  153. Blubrry Podcast Community: «A room to discuss the blubrry podcast community»
  154. Boxing News: «Sweet science news»
  155. Burning Man: «a slice of Black Rock City on Friendfeed»
  156. Buzzed-In: «Consulting in Business Development and social networks»
  157. C2C: «淘宝、拍拍、易趣等都是我们的研究对象»
  158. CI tools: «A room for the stuff related to continuous integration, build management and related things.»
  159. Champaign: «news»
  160. Chat Room: «Use this room for real time chatting by adding comments to the hopefully only item called "Chat"»
  161. ChicagoBears: «for fans»
  162. ChicagoBulls: «Discussion of Chicago Bulls»
  163. ChicoRightLeggers: «Moving fast on two wheels club...»
  164. Chile: «Un lugar para conversar y compartir»
  165. China Bloggers: «A room to follow China bloggers and Twitterers.»
  166. China Today: «Intelligent discussion about current China issues»
  167. Christian Scholz: «mein Raum, mein Raum»
  168. Cloud RSS Test: «Test area for creating an RSS feed by cloud bookmarking»
  169. Columbus Real Estate: «People Interested in Columbus Ohio Real Estate»
  170. Columbus Social Networking Tweets: «A room for Columbus Twitters (and their friends) when Twitter is down.»
  171. Comment: «Put your comments here.»
  172. Content: «Room for content industry to chat»
  173. Corporate Blogging: «A room to discuss Corporate Blogging and also the integration of social media»
  174. Create: «»
  175. Creepy Sleepy: «Thingies. Probably thingies about politics, media, music.»
  176. DMU: «Deleteme Uncensored»
  177. Darfur: «To discuss Darfur, Chad Sudan Crisis»
  178. Data Mining: «A room about Data Mining»
  179. Des Moines: «Local room for Des Moines, IA FriendFeed-sters.»
  180. Development: «This is the all-coding room. Whether you're writing assembly or PHP, talk about it here.»
  181. Digital Inspiration: «For DI readers.»
  182. Dooce: «Dooce»
  183. Dungeon: «Room of last resort»
  184. E-commerce: «电子商务案例分析、研究、讨论»
  185. Ecovillages: «Ecovillages, communautés intentionnels, cohabitats, villages de vie, terres de lumière, espaces collectifs.»
  186. Election 2008: «Discussion about the 2008 presidential election.»
  187. Electronic Gaming: «Items on electronic games, game development and related issues.»
  188. Empoprise-IE: «A room dedicated to the Inland Empire in California.»
  189. Empoprise-NTN: «A room dedicated to NTN Buzztime - the company, and its trivia games and services.»
  190. Energy Demand Management: «A room for discussions and links to information on Energy Demand Management»
  191. EnterpriseIT: «A room to discuss Enterprise IT related issues.»
  192. EnterpriseIrregulars: «All the trivia that's fit to feed going on with the Enterprise Irregulars...»
  193. Entrepreneurs: «Entrepreneurs Talk :)»
  194. Eselle: «A room for metaverse inhabitants from a certain place»
  195. F2F: «Firefox、FriendFeed、Friend 2 Friend……»
  196. FFFFFOUND!: «Inspired by the original http://www.ffffound.com, but for those unfortunate souls yet to get an invite to the exclusive service. Note the fifth "F" ;-)»
  197. FIR: «A place on FriendFeed for listeners to the FIR podcast series to share and experiment. For instance: share suggestions for discussion topics.»
  198. Fantasy Football: «NFL Fantasy Football»
  199. Feedalizr: «A feed for Feedalizr Users»
  200. For Sale: «All things for sale»
  201. Fotolog: «Fotolog»
  202. France Web Review in chinese: «Web2.0,IT,e-marketing,e-business,new media,translation,data consulting»
  203. FranceFeed: «Un essai de groupe»
  204. Free Coloring Pages: «Free, fun, educational coloring pages for parents.»
  205. FriendFeed Dads: «Share dad ideas and experiences»
  206. FriendFeed Pipeline: «I guess conversation about my daily From the Pipeline posts»
  207. FriendFeed Rehab: «FriendFeed Rehab»
  208. Friendfeed Asia: «About Social Media topics or more in Asia»
  209. Friends of Mashable: «For people that can't get enough of Mashable, this, apparently, is for you.»
  210. Front-End: «Front-End»
  211. Fuelmyblog Stuff: «A room for people on or around the Fuelmyblog site»
  212. Fundable: «a room to talk about interesting companies»
  213. Funk: «the funky beats, the biggest basslines, making the best music»
  214. GFW: «GFW 的客户服务»
  215. Game Developers: «In which, oddly enough, people talk about the development of games. Shocking, I know.»
  216. Games: «All things games, virtual worlds and beyond.»
  217. Games for Girls: «A collection of games only a girl could love. :-)»
  218. Gaming: «Console, PC, Card, Board...anything and everything gaming.»
  219. Geek News Central Podcast: «Geek News Central Podcast Open Discussion area»
  220. GeekFit: «Fitness for the body and mind. This room is related to health and fitness for geeks and other like minded people.»
  221. GeekMommy at Home: «It's just my little corner of friendfeed»
  222. Geni: «Hang out and discuss how you use Geni.com to find and share your family's history.»
  223. GillmorGang: «The Gillmore Gang - Steve and Tina Gillmor»
  224. Godbit: «Our reason for existing is to glorify the One whose name is above all names. We want to serve the Lord Jesus Christ with our talents, and teach others to realize the potential they have.»
  225. GoforGood: «GoforGood»
  226. Google: «facebook»
  227. Google App Engine: «A room to chat about working with App Engine»
  228. Google Earth: «Talk about everything Google Earth related! Share interesting places, links and any other Google Earth related content.»
  229. Google OS Forum: «Discuss the latest news about Google.»
  230. GoogleWatchBlog: «GWB»
  231. Green Bay Packers: «Room for cheeseheads»
  232. Green Planet: «A Room for sharing all things Green and Eco Friendly»
  233. HCI: «For anyone interested in human-computer interaction (HCI)»
  234. Habitación de Cyberfrancis: «:P»
  235. Hawksdomain: «Just had to do it before another claimed it :)»
  236. Hockey Fans: «For hockey fans!»
  237. Houston: «Who's who and What's what in Houston Texas»
  238. Idealist.org: «Imagine. Connect. Act.»
  239. Indian Stock Market: «Stock Market advisor from Ongole, India. I will give stock picks and recommendations.»
  240. Indianapolis: «This is an experiment»
  241. IndyChristianGeeks: «I'm reserving the nickname just in case we decide that we "need" this»
  242. Inquisitr Fun: «A range of fun and odd stories from The Inquisitr and around the web. Add links to funny/ odd news your read»
  243. Interesting Links: «The title says it all. Share the good stuff here.»
  244. Interfaces riches: «Un espace de partage et de dialogue autour des interfaces riches»
  245. Israel 60 and Cultural News: «news from and about israel»
  246. JavaScript: «All about javascript»
  247. Jeremy Brooks: «Nothing special.»
  248. Juventus: «Discuss and share everything Juventus related over here...»
  249. LOSTfans: «for people who LOVE LOST»
  250. LaptopStickers!: «do I have to clarify this? seriously we want STICKERS!!!!!!! ok, 'nuf said!»
  251. LearnSEO: «A hangout for those looking to learn the art of search engine optimization»
  252. Leftist Politics: «Discussion of American empire, global politics, leftist movements, etc.»
  253. Librariology: «Interested or working in a Library? Say Hello and share something!»
  254. Lifehack: «A room for Lifehack and Productivity related»
  255. Lifehackers: «For those who enjoy tweaking their life to improve productivity, organization or enjoyment.»
  256. Lightroom: «For Adobe Lightroom Users»
  257. Like: «Put stuff in here with lots of Likes.»
  258. Linkin Park: «A Place For My Head !!»
  259. Linking to Great Places to Work Exchange: «This room and the associated web sites have been set up with the express intent of providing a public forum for the employees, associates, recruiters, candidates and companies that make up all of t...»
  260. Listeny.com: «Listeny (http://listeny.com) adlı müzik ile ilintili podcastler yaptığımız Video Blogumuzda tanıtmak üzere buradan parça ya da grup önerilerinizi alabiliriz. Biz de önümüzdeki çek...»
  261. Local Global Vienna: «Vienna Friends join this room!»
  262. Loft Renovation: «Things related to our loft renovation in Soma»
  263. London Bloggers: «A FF Room for Bloggers in London Ontario»
  264. MEDIAdeluge: «Making sense of media, innovation and communication technology.»
  265. MG's Room: «my place»
  266. MSFT: «Microsoft»
  267. Macstuff: «Just a place to talk macs without the pesky "Mac v. PC" debate (cause we already know the answer to that ;) )»
  268. Marketallica: «A conversation about marketing trends and new business ideas.»
  269. Matthew Wayne Selznick: «Hang out in author, podcaster, and musician Matt Selznick's room!»
  270. Mercato: «Actualités sur le marché des transferts de football»
  271. Mesh: «Discussion of Live Mesh services.»
  272. Microsoft Talk: «A room for discussion of all things Microsoft.»
  273. Mikroformate: «Wie der Name schon sagt»
  274. Millenial: «millenialism»
  275. Mixxingbowl: «Mixxingbowl is a freind feed room for the site for Mixxers by Mixxers»
  276. Morning hate: «Страх и ненависть по утрам»
  277. Motown: «Morgantown FriendFeed Users»
  278. Moxie Room: «All things moxie will be discussed. The newest,coolest,most awesome news/ideas/topics/chatter that you can find!»
  279. Musicians: «Talk about making music, theory, gear, whatever.»
  280. My Friend Feed Room: «My Friend Feed Room»
  281. Médias sociaux: «Un espace de partage sur le thème du marketing commnautaire et des médias sociaux»
  282. NDFootball: «a room to discuss ND football»
  283. NIDians: «A special room for the nidians.»
  284. Nagoya: «About Nagoya»
  285. Natalie English: «Natalie in English»
  286. Natalie Japan: «friedfeed room for Natalie»
  287. New Zealand: «the kiwiroom!»
  288. NewEnglandPatriots: «for fans»
  289. Nikon Shooters: «A place for Nikon DSLR users to meet and talk about their preferred camera platform.»
  290. NorthCarolina: «http://socialcarolina.org»
  291. NorthwestIndiana: «All things northwest indiana, which we call the Region»
  292. NunDesign: «Можно про дизайн, можно про организацию командной работы, можно про мотивацию, стимулы, ответственность, та�...»
  293. Offshore Fishing: «get your offshore fishing news here!»
  294. Oh Canada!: «Oh Canada! 100% Canadian content as mandated by the CRTC!»
  295. On Digital Media Podcast: «FriendFeed room about topics for the On Digital Media Podcast»
  296. Open Source: «About Open Source Software.»
  297. Oracle OpenWorld: «Anything related to Oracle OpenWorld»
  298. Otaku: «From anime, manga, figures, jpop, idols, to Japan, this group is for everything related to Japanese pop culture.»
  299. PCMech: «Discussion about stories found on www.pcmech.com»
  300. PS3: «For all things Sony Playstation 3»
  301. Peak Oil: «A room for discussing peak oil and it's effect on the economy.»
  302. Peanut Butter Lovers: «How do you like your peanut butter? Or not?»
  303. Personal Telco Project: «http://www.personaltelco.net/ We are a volunteer group of Portlanders who believe that 802.11 (wireless networking, or Wi-Fi) technology is both cool and empowering. We started, in 2000, by turn...»
  304. Pheltup: «A place where people who haven't gotten Pheltup yet can hang, discuss the latest Pheltup news, etc.»
  305. Photografr.com: «The official Photografr room on Friendfeed»
  306. Photography United: «The idea of this group is for photography bloggers join to create one sharing platform rather than each having splintered groups.»
  307. Planet Tech Staff: «news»
  308. Plone: «All about Plone»
  309. Poke New York: «Think about your dad.»
  310. Polar Bear: «シロクマ関係のコンテンツ集。»
  311. PolitCamp Graz: «PolitCamp in Graz, FH Joanneum, 30. + 31. Mai»
  312. Post Tech Jobs: «tech jobs news»
  313. Pownce: «Pownce»
  314. Professional Android Development: «Items and discussion around the Android mobile phone.»
  315. Programmers: «Another one»
  316. Programming Languages: «Anything about programming languages and the theory behind them.»
  317. Projects: «Post a link to a site or project of yours (old or new, but not your blog please) to get feedback.»
  318. PubCamp - The Web 2.0 Media Day: «A free event about the future of media and the Web covering Web 2.0, social and citizen media, the semantic web, mobile, widgets, online advertising and revenue models, copyright, cross-media and m...»
  319. PubSub: «A place to go when you want to think about PubSub.»
  320. Python: «The programming language»
  321. RapidWeaver: «A place for all RapidWeaver fans»
  322. Raqs: «Devoted to the discussion and study of raqs shaqri, aka "bellydance", and all it's related forms, from Tribal to Gothic to Turkish to Egyptian!»
  323. ReadBurner: «The room that ReadBurner.com built.»
  324. Real Estate Radio USA: «Real Estate Radio USA is a provocative, opinionated, conservative talk radio show, and now on friend feed!»
  325. RealBird: «Room for RealBird members»
  326. Remarkd: «All stuff from Remarkd is here.»
  327. Rochester, NY: «Room to discuss all things Rochester, NY»
  328. Room 214: «This is what Room 214 finds interesting and shares it with the world»
  329. Russian FriendFeed: «О ФрендФиде по-русски.»
  330. SEM: «Just a room for the Search marketing geeks and freaks of the world!»
  331. SQL: «All about SQL»
  332. STUB: «Sydney Twitter Underground Brigade»
  333. SYTYCD!: «How much do we love this show?! Discuss!»
  334. Sam Harrelson: «sam harrelson»
  335. Saudi Social Media Addicts: «For all those Saudi "elite" ;)»
  336. Savage Minds: «A room for readers of the Savage Minds anthropology blog.»
  337. Science News: «News and discussion about interesting topics from the world of science.»
  338. ScienceDirect: «A room to discuss the enhancements and features that users would like to be implemented»
  339. Scotlug: «Scottish Linux User Group»
  340. Seattle: «Seattle»
  341. Seattle, WA: «This is a room for Seattle Friendfeeders.»
  342. Second Life: «All things Second Life!»
  343. Sell: «joking! : ))»
  344. Serious Games: «A room for serious games chat»
  345. Share123: «a short story about life & way»
  346. SharePoint STL: «For people interested in SharePoint working in St. Louis.»
  347. Ships: «A nautical room for all things related to ships.»
  348. Singapore Expats: «Expats living at Singapore»
  349. Skeptics Unite!: «A room for skeptics to do our thing.»
  350. Social Applications: «Discuss Social Network Applications / Platforms like Facebook and OpenSocial.»
  351. Social Blend: «A podcast for Mixxers by mixxers. Covering the latest in Social Media news and opinions!»
  352. Social Media Christians: «For and by and about being Christians involved in social media»
  353. Social Media Club: «This is a room for members and friends of Social Media Club»
  354. Social Media Marketing: «Room for people in the social media marketing field to discuss things»
  355. Social Media Online: «Everything about social media!»
  356. Social Networks: «Social web @ this room»
  357. Social Technology: «geolocation, mobile, recommendation engines, twitter, communication, augmented reality, multi-user devices, proximity awareness... Let's define the future of Social Technology.»
  358. Social Times: «Aggregates all things related to the social web that would be published on Social Times or is related to the topic»
  359. Space Oddities: «Det här rummet är till för diskussioner om märkligheter från mymarkup.se.»
  360. St. Louis: «For those from St. Louis and its surrounding counties.»
  361. Stanford: «For anyone interested in the Stanford family»
  362. Starbucks: «starbucks»
  363. StartupMarketing: «A room for folks interested in startup marketing and the like.»
  364. Stealthmode: «Conversations about entrepreneurship with the experts»
  365. Stock Trading: «A room for all the stock traders, swingers, or investors.»
  366. Stocks: «stocks»
  367. StopPoliticalCalls: «Room for working on stopping political robo calls.»
  368. Strength, Muscle and Power: «Room for powerlifters, body builders, strongmen and other strength athletes.»
  369. Suckernet Exploder: «A room for bashing the browser everyone loves to hate, Microsoft Internet Explorer (which I have nicknamed Suckernet Exploder).»
  370. Svenska Jaikububblan: «FriendFeed-rum för svenska jaiku-bubblan»
  371. TMZ: «TMZ»
  372. TWiT Live: «TWiT http://twitlive.tv»
  373. TYTHYL: «TYTHYL Gang»
  374. Tablet PC: «Come in and talk about all things Tablet PC related!!»
  375. Tampa Bloggers: «A room for local the Tampa Bay blogger scene.»
  376. Tech Talk Japan: «A room for participants of Tech Talk Japan.»
  377. Technorati: «Technorati»
  378. Tennis: «Tennis anyone?»
  379. TestRoom: «zzz`s room»
  380. The Bachelorette Watchers: «For people to discuss DeAnna and her band of suitors on The Bachelorette»
  381. The Champaign Room: «No sex allowed.»
  382. The China Business Network: «The China Business Network»
  383. The Quiet Room: «This room is a peaceful place where FriendFeeders can escape information chaos, sit quietly and relax.»
  384. The Windows Experience Blog: «FriendFeed Room for all-things Windows and Windows Experience!»
  385. TheAnayticsGuru: «My "everything" room»
  386. TheLewisNetwork: «This is where every feed related to the Lewis Show comes to hang out.»
  387. Thirty Day Challenge: «This is the home of the thirty day challenge on friend feed»
  388. Titans: «A room to talk about the Titans.»
  389. Todd Jordan: «All about Tojosan aka Todd Jordan.»
  390. TokBox: «TokBox»
  391. Tokyo: «About Tokyo»
  392. Tumblr: «http://tumblr.com»
  393. Tweeple: «People of Twitter»
  394. TweetSmart: «The TweetSmart Room»
  395. Twine: «Discuss Twine.com on Friendfeed.»
  396. UXp: «For anyone interested in user experience»
  397. Vancouver: «About Vancouver.»
  398. Virtual Worlds: «Room to discuss developments in the Virtual Worlds market»
  399. Wash: «This is the Washroom»
  400. Waterloo: «Waterloo, Ontario and sorrounding area!»
  401. Web Developers: «A place for all Web developers.»
  402. Website Linking: «Discussion of various linking types,link baiting,link spam»
  403. Webware: «For Webware editors to track stories and social interactions around the Web.»
  404. Weewar: «Discussion about Weewar, for the love of the game!»
  405. Weird Japan: «Weird and wacky Japanese stuff»
  406. Weird Music: «A room to share and discuss non-commercial sounds.»
  407. When Twitter is Down...: «A place to congregate and continue the conversation when Twitter goes dark.»
  408. White Sox: «Discuss the Chicago White Sox»
  409. Wii: «For all things Nintendo Wii»
  410. Wisconsin Room: «All things Wisconsin here!»
  411. Wordboard: «wordboard room»
  412. Wyman: «A family room.»
  413. Xbox 360: «For all things Xbox 360»
  414. YUI: «Discussion of the YUI Library (http://developer.yahoo.com/yui)»
  415. Yahoo! Developer Network: «Opening up Yahoo!»
  416. Yun Family: «test»
  417. Zony: «We like zonies, do you?»
  418. Zooomr: «Zooomr»
  419. abe's room: «abe friendfeed room»
  420. acceleration: «this.acceleration()»
  421. alacra: «Room for sharing with Alacra customers and partners»
  422. aninternetvoice: «www.aninternetvoice.com»
  423. apex: «Room For Oracle Application Express Stuff»
  424. apps: «ffapps.com»
  425. austria: «You name it»
  426. b5media: «Aggregation of b5media news, information, and feeds»
  427. baltimore: «Baltimore Discussion»
  428. banannieroom: «The real banannie room.»
  429. behavioral targeting: «For the online advertisers and interested people»
  430. berlincity: «Everything which has to do with my favorite city»
  431. betainvites: «beta invites»
  432. blackosphere: «About the art, theory, practice and evolution of blogging while black.»
  433. blipster: «An experiment in capturing a cultural shift: "It is not the first time there has been a black presence in modern rock. But some fans and musicians say they feel that a multiethnic rock scene is gat...»
  434. browsers: «gathering intelligence about web browsers and user agents»
  435. cathybrooks'crib: «Until I figure out what I'm going to do with this let's just say it's kind of like coming to hang out after school. I may even bake cookies.»
  436. century 21: «for century 21 agents»
  437. chat: «chat»
  438. chumby rocks: «duh»
  439. cider: «http://www.ukcider.co.uk»
  440. coffee: «A room for links and discussion about the black oil»
  441. contextualUI: «contextual interfaces»
  442. conversionrateoptimization: «Post links about conversion rate optimization and web marketing.»
  443. court: «This is the Court Room»
  444. cubata: «ron con cola»
  445. cuppa: «let's have a cuppa tea»
  446. didish: «About project Didish»
  447. digitalmedia: «the world of digital media»
  448. discussion: «discussion»
  449. eXo Platform: «for discussing about eXo.»
  450. earthquake: «5.12»
  451. ecommerce: «All things ecommerce - web design, marketing, conversion rate optimization and seo. Share your links and your thoughts!»
  452. evansims.com: «FriendFeed room for everything related to http://evansims.com and in particular http://evansims.com/live»
  453. fantasybaseball: «Just talking fantasy baseball to get fodder for my baseballgeeks.com podcast»
  454. ffde: «German Users of Friend Feed.»
  455. ffmobile: «Discussions around MojiPage FriendFeed mobile widget»
  456. fivesensescoffee: «A Site for Five Senses Coffee»
  457. fuyoh: «anything that fuyoh»
  458. hadoop: «hadoop»
  459. hippiechic: «news»
  460. housemusic: «Deep, progressive, electro and more.»
  461. html-css-javascript: «About the frontend technology stack»
  462. htown: «for people in houston. people who are too lazy to say houston all the time. people who can't remember helena is the capital of montana.»
  463. iNezha: «iNezha group»
  464. identity: «The identity management room»
  465. idm: «The identity management room»
  466. ifspheres: «an if place»
  467. ilovefashion: «Ok, you don't have to really love fashion ("fashion" alone was taken) but here's a place to share news about all things fashion, shopping, style - anything!»
  468. infocalypse: «Be a horseman of the infocalypse with your host, Eric Rice.»
  469. information overload: «articles, research, tips, and techniques to deal with information overload»
  470. interface design: «about creating great web sites»
  471. interrogation: «You don't want to be in this room»
  472. irubuntu: «برای کاربران اوبونتو»
  473. jade: «Jade Electronics»
  474. jeremyf: «my blog...www.jeremyfranklin.org»
  475. jeremysblog: «my blog...www.jeremyfranklin.org»
  476. keso's room: «don't know what can i do with this»
  477. ldap: «Its not sexy but it just works.»
  478. learning: «Learning, once again.»
  479. lemeur: «lemeur»
  480. leweb: «leweb conference»
  481. lizard.tv: «welp. i have no idea as of yet. but when i do something with lizard.tv, this'll be related to that.»
  482. loiclemeur: «Loic's room»
  483. lolcatz: «for lolcatz lovers»
  484. lost: «for Lost TV show»
  485. lweesiphone: «A talk about the new upcoming 3G iPhone»
  486. magicians: «Discuss and share about the art of magic and conjuring with fellow magicians.»
  487. mazidi: «all about mhmazidi»
  488. medaDATA: «privacy, data, attention and trust...Amplify the brand of ME..experience it all»
  489. mediarelations: «the world of PR»
  490. mergers: «A room for posting discussion around M&A deals»
  491. microformats: «Everything microformats-related»
  492. minnebar: «Twin Cities barcamp attendees, techies, entrepreneurs, developers»
  493. motorcycle: «2 wheel topics»
  494. nba: «stuff about nba»
  495. negrophile: «One who admires and supports Black people and their culture. Born on the Fourth of July ... a.k.a. Juneteenth, C.P.T.»
  496. nikon: «for users»
  497. no-room: «Why does every service add rooms/discussions. Especially something I thought was an aggregator... now we'll need an aggregator for our aggregators? Aggrevator?»
  498. nonprofit: «A room for non-profit and community based organization stuff.»
  499. notherethere: «Not sure, but who knows? Perhaps videoblogging, perhaps Oakland and nearby environs.»
  500. oauth: «The oauth room»

*This approximate and unofficial list is from 2008-05-24 containing public rooms.