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The (fake) 90s Homepage of (fake) 70s and 80s Video Games

1976: SwingSwing

Many of the older ones among you surely remebre this classic video game. It was what started the whole revolution! For a game player in 1997 the game goal must seem simple but it was arevolution in the 70s. You had to swing from one bridge to the other like Tarzan.

1982: Klingon Escape 3000

With teh official license from Gene Roddenberry, and delightful graphics for its time, this StarTrek game would start a craze amongst bored teenagers. Your objective was to shoot as many "green skulls" in outer space as possible. Vladko Valdim from Russia won the 1983 Klingon Escape 3000 world championships, beating all the 10000 green skulls in under 15minutes. This world record is uncontested to this day.

1984: Camel Olympics

while the graphics of this game weren't great even considering it was made in the early 80s, Camel Olympics became the best-selling video game on christmas 1984. If you ever played it you surely well remember the fun camel bowling (pictured above), desert surfing, or the pyramid jump game.

1985: Ferris Bueller's Day Off

This game deserves its place in the hall of fame of video game classics, and not only because it spawned a Hollywood movie by the same name a year later. FBDO, as fans only call it, was alos the very first adventure game. Years later, some of the puzzles may seem old-fashioned, but FBDO actually created nothing less than a genre.

1986: Captain Cozmo and the Banana Dimension

This one stills blows yor mind today for its sheer amount of creativity and game play. To play this in a Java emulator, click <