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The Technological Singularity - Google Blogoscoped
Nov 9, 2005 ... Eliezer thinks older estimates this singularity is bound to happen in 2035 are ... But what will be the first true AI to start the process then? Well ...

Is the Google AI already conscious?
rather than searching for stuff, if you start asking Google personal questions, you can get some surprising results that almost past the Turing AI ...

Getting the Singularity Right (Video)
A dangrous Self evolve AI System must include the full Software and hardware supplier lines. Can get energy by itself. Can desing machine ...

Norvig on the Google AI | Tracking AP Content | Google Confirms ...
Jun 2, 2007 ... Larry Page came to me and said “Peter, I've been hearing a lot about this Strong AI stuff. Shouldn't we be doing something in that direction?

Larry Page On AI - Google Blogoscoped
Feb 20, 2007 ... Larry Page talked about artificial intelligence [Video] at the annual conference of the American Association for the Advancement of Science ...

Schmidt On Google AI - Google Blogoscoped
May 23, 2007 ... The Financial Times yesterday said Eric Schmidt argues gathering more personal information on users is a logical extension of their mission.

Google on Artificial Intelligence - Google Blogoscoped
Sep 15, 2008 ... Now, AI is a bit of a fuzzy term; as algorithms progress (especially the kind working on large data sets – like the web) we come to accept more ...

Evolution of a Search Engine - Google Blogoscoped
Feb 2, 2007 ... In the future, Google may combine these quotes into a free-style text for a more direct answer. When the Google AI advances beyond that, ...

Zooming Into the Google Master Plan  (2006-11-27)
Undergoogle shows off a neat zoomable version of Google's whiteboard "Master Plan", full of brainstormed doodles, fun ideas, products & check lists, some co ...

The Technological Singularity

Larry Page On AI

Norvig on the Google AI

Who is Alan Moore?

Schmidt On Google AI

Google China has released a

of the Singularity.

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