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The Technological Singularity - Google Blogoscoped
Nov 9, 2005 ... In a nut-shell, the text ponders what can happen once an Artificial Intelligence is itself producing another, better AI, which in turn produces ...

Larry Page On AI - Google Blogoscoped
Feb 20, 2007 ... Larry Page talked about artificial intelligence [Video] at the annual conference of the American Association for the Advancement of Science ...

Schmidt On Google AI - Google Blogoscoped
May 23, 2007 ... The Financial Times yesterday said Eric Schmidt argues gathering more personal information on users is a logical extension of their mission.

Google on Artificial Intelligence - Google Blogoscoped
Sep 15, 2008 ... Now, AI is a bit of a fuzzy term; as algorithms progress (especially the kind working on large data sets – like the web) we come to accept more ...

Getting the Singularity Right (Video) - Google Blogoscoped
May 23, 2007 ... He speaks on the subject of the technological singularity – when artificial ... Eliezer's basic argument is that as soon as a self-improving AI is ...

Norvig on the Google AI
Since Norvig is one of the speakers of the next Singularity Summit ... AI would be awesome and would be the one reason why I should ...

Norvig on the Google AI | Tracking AP Content | Google Confirms ...
Saturday, June 2, 2007. Norvig on the Google AI. Ben Goertzel talked to Google director of research Peter Norvig, and paraphrases Peter's statement on ...

Schmidt On Google AI
Yep, that sort of thing – but with more AI. That mockup (aptly titled 'Your Knowledge') tells me things that Google knows because I told it. A 'Your ...

Zooming Into the Google Master Plan  (2006-11-27)
Undergoogle shows off a neat zoomable version of Google's whiteboard "Master Plan", full of brainstormed doodles, fun ideas, products & check lists, some co ...

The Technological Singularity

Larry Page On AI

Norvig on the Google AI

Who is Alan Moore?

Schmidt On Google AI

Google China has released a

of the Singularity.

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