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The Acquisition Price Guide - Google Blogoscoped
Oct 10, 2006 ... Company, Acquired by, Price. Skype, Ebay, $2.6 billion. YouTube, Google, $1.65 billion. 5% investment in AOL, Google, $1 billion. MySpace ...

Why Google Buys Companies - Google Blogoscoped
Feb 25, 2008 ... In 2001, Google acquired Deja's usenet archive. ... Also in 2003, Google bought Kaltix. ... Perhaps this was a bulk developer acquisition, in terms of quickly adding the right team for Google's photo management strategy.

Google Acquired Postini - Google Blogoscoped
Jul 10, 2007 ... Google announced they're acquiring Postini, a company focussing on secure enterprise communication, for $625 million. Postini is supposed ...

Google Acquires Internet (May 2017) - Google Blogoscoped
Apr 14, 2007 ... “With the acquisition, we can increase the speed of indexing as ... During the past two decades, Google had acquired YouTube for $1.65, ...

Google's Gizmo5 Acquisition Official Now - Google Blogoscoped
Nov 13, 2009 ... TechCrunch had reported it recently and now it's made official: Google has acquired Skype competitor Gizmo5. “[W]e've acquired Gizmo5, ...

Google Acquired PeakStream - Google Blogoscoped
Jun 6, 2007 ... As reported by a Register article posted earlier today, Google has acquired Peakstream Inc. Google confirms the acquisition, telling us “Yes, ...

Google Acquires JotSpot - Google Blogoscoped
Oct 31, 2006 ... The official Google Blog just announced Google bought wiki hosting ... Paying customers will no longer be billed, the JotSpot acquisition FAQ ...

Google Acquired GreenBorder - Google Blogoscoped
May 29, 2007 ... Google acquired security company GreenBorder Technologies earlier this month. GreenBorder say they “will continue to support ... existing ...

Google's Gizmo5 Acquisition

announced they've acquired

Google Acquired a Crowd

The Acquisition Price Guide

Akky Akimoto at the Asiajin

Akky Akimoto at the Asiajin

Google has bought video

Why Google Buys Companies


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