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Who Invented AdSense? - Google Blogoscoped
Jul 6, 2007 ... Valleywag's Owen Thomas is currently claiming that Google's Susan Wojcicki is lying about having started AdSense, referring to an article by ...

Integrating AdSense In Your Google Analytics Stats
May 2, 2009 ... Here's how you can integrate AdSense revenue and top content information into your Google Analytics dashboard for your site. This makes for ...

Google wants more money from AdSense - Google Blogoscoped ...
OK, I think it's fair for them to try to make more money through AdSense... but why don't they admit to the fact that "blended" ads simply make ...

Google Redefines the Clickable AdSense Area - Google Blogoscoped
Nov 13, 2007 ... Similar to what Google has been doing with ads in search results, they also now restricted the clickable area in AdSense (the kind of Google ...

Weird Adsense Email
There are several new comments on that Adsense Blog URL above ... so thanks for the pointer – hopefully the Adsense folks will clear this up.

Google AdSense Login Redesign
Interesting, it appears that you can now use a Google account with adsense. I remember once e-mailing Google and asking them to switch my ...

Google AdSense for Mobile - Google Blogoscoped
Sep 18, 2007 ... Google has released their AdSense for Mobile program for a couple of countries now after testing it for some while*. To use this, log-in to ...

Screenshots Google Adsense section in Google Analytics - Google ...
all very well, but as I still can't connect my adsense to analytics since setting them up with different accounts it won't be much help – why can't ...

Should Google Offer Ad Opt-Out Based on Categories or Companies?  (2010-06-24)
Should Google give its users the chance to opt out of specific ad categories? Giannis thinks so, writing (spacing adjusted): I've been so sick of watching t ...

Google Analytics Plans to Offer Opt-Out for Users  (2010-03-19)
One of the most powerful citizens of Webtown also happens to be rather well-behaved at times -- which serves the interests of others as well as (arguably) t ...

Knol: The State of Play  (2010-03-03)
Knol is a Google service that allows anyone to publish an article about almost anything. When Google's VP of Engineering, Udi Manber, announced Knol in D ...

Paul Buchheit: If your product is Great, it doesn't need to be Good  (2010-02-10)
Gmail/ Friendfeed/ AdSense co-inventor Paul Buchheit in an essay argues the right approach to new products is to "Pick three key attributes or features, get tho ...

Adsense? Realy does work?  (2011-07-04)
For me Adsense it works before...,but i had a website that wes banned...and i donºt receive a lot of exlications about WHY!

Two new AdSense demo videos  (2011-04-26)
Listed at

Doodle St. Patricks Day  (2011-03-17)

Google has released a new design for adsense in beta:

Google AdSense for Mobile

Integrating AdSense In Your

Google AdSense Referrals

Scrollable Google AdSense

in AdWords vs AdSense

Google AdSense Login Redesign

Integrating AdSense In Your


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