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Google AdWords Feedback Buttons - Google Blogoscoped
Jun 6, 2006 ... James Boulter sends in a screenshot showing how Google asks for feedback on their search results AdWords (here, in a search for “hotels” ...

Google AdWords Support Chat - Google Blogoscoped
Sep 11, 2007 ... If you need live support for AdWords, Google offers a chat feature. The chat is browser-based and driven by “AdWords ...

Eric Case AdWords | Google Calendar JavaScript API
Sep 21, 2007 ... Eric Case works at Google, and when you search for his name an ad to his blog appears at this time. Googlaxy, who sent this in, wonders “Why ...

Weird Excite AdWords - Google Blogoscoped
Thursday, January 31, 2008. Weird Excite AdWords. Yes, this ad I saw in Gmail made me click. It led to an search result for the word “vogue” plus a ...

Adwords Ascii Art
Adwords Ascii Art. rkgblog [PersonRank 1]. Monday, June 1, 2009 5 years ago • 1,259 views. .

New AdWords icon?
David Hetfield [PersonRank 10]. 6 years ago #. Just for reference, the previous icon i've seen is this one: .

Favicons in AdWords ads
Favicons in AdWords ads. [PersonRank 10]. Friday, March 13, 2009 5 years ago • 1,037 views. .

AdWords Charts Generator - Google Blogoscoped
Feb 12, 2008 ... The VisualCalc AdWords Dashboard aims to help you sort through the data generated by Google AdWords ad campaigns. The makers say ...

Google's Drummond on China Strategy Shift (it wasn't just the hacking incident, but also increasing pressure to censor more)  (2010-03-25)
The Atlantic this week spoke with Google chief legal officer David Drummond about Google's strategy change in China (Google now forwards traffic to to ...

Ads Can Provide The "Best Answer" For a Search Query, according to Google  (2010-03-04)
SiteLinks are now appearing in Google's Sponsored Links. An AdWords SiteLinks unit consists of a regular text ad with four additional links. These ad units were ...

Built By Google  (2010-01-10)
Pete logs onto his desktop computer. It's a "dumb" netbook built by Google and called Google Chrome Superbook 5, with a fast startup time of 0.3 seconds, the po ...

Google Local Business Center Privacy Breach?  (2010-01-08)
According to David Dalka, Google committed a privacy breach and sent him and others the statistics for someone else's Google Local Business center. David tells ...

Real Canadian pharmacies cost Google $500 million dollars  (2011-08-26)

Book about Google by Ex-Google employee Doug Edwards  (2011-05-13)
This appears to be the same author behind most of the posts on the Xooglers blog. That was an outstanding blog when it started. I actually saved copies of quite ...

Google April Fools 2011  (2011-03-31)
I suppose this is an April Fools put on by the Adwords Team. thanks adwords guys! [moved]

Google AdWords Editor Screen

Google AdWords Redesign

Seemingly out of the blue,

Clickable Areas in AdWords vs

AdWords Charts Generator

Google AdWords Redesign

While the email may look

Google AdWords Feedback


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