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Amazonn, Amazn, Ammazon? Cheating With Amazon Affiliate Links
Feb 8, 2004 ... If you have an Amazon Affiliate link, you get a percentage of everything bough when people follow that link to Instead of building ...

Misspelled Google domains redirect to affiliate programs - Google ... – Redirects to Netflix affiliate program – Redirects to Netflix affiliate program – Redirects to ...

Google Product Ads Beta? - Google Blogoscoped
Jun 19, 2009 ... We are pleased to invite you to participate in an exciting beta program with the Google Affiliate Network to show product ads on Google.

Google Website Optimizer | Google Results Without Affiliates | Daily ...
Wednesday, October 18, 2006. Google Website Optimizer. You can now apply to become a beta tester for Google's new Website Optimizer program. and More Used for Typosquatting - Google Blogoscoped
Dec 10, 2007 ... Just noticed that if you mistype certain Google domains , they redirect to different affiliate programs. Affected domains: ...

Afiiliate $hit
When I can, I tag links with affiliate IDs. It won't change my opinion on things. I do it for most books and DVDs I discuss here as well, not doing ...

Google Base Link Redirects
Some time ago I looked at the terms and found that affiliate type sites are not allowed. When I was looking at it I was thinking of driving traffic to ...

Amazon Bullying Kindle Sites? - Google Blogoscoped
Feb 8, 2008 ... Jason also has an Amazon affiliate (aka Amazon Associates) account, which makes him some spare change when people buy Amazon stuff ...

When Google Gets Musical  (2009-09-18)
Here in China I'm amazed by the Google Music site... I can search for all kinds of bands and musicians and get their albums, with songs fully playable in an eas ...

Google's User Interest Categories for Ad Targeting  (2009-03-24)
Some of Google's advertisers are offered to base their campaigns to target specific interests of users, as discussed in the previous post. The ad preferences pa ...

Likaholix Wants to Know What You Like  (2009-03-04)
Likaholix is a new website by two ex-Google employees, Bindu Reddy and Arvind Sundararajan. After signing up (if the site runs out of invites, Likaholix off ...

Adsense? Realy does work?  (2011-07-04)
I tryed Adsense in a few of my websites ( i donºt see it like a source of reward,i prefer join an affiliate program

New Google Shopping site, with major designers?  (2010-11-15)
Google could make the affiliate links opt-in, in return for some benefit (such as a higher Gmail limit). Even if only 1% of users opted in, Google would make a ...

Changes are coming to Google Apps accounts  (2010-09-01)

Easy blog monetization  (2010-08-03)

Seder [affiliate link].

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poster-affiliate sites,

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