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Google April Fool's Jokes Galore - Google Blogoscoped
Apr 1, 2008 ... Japan started early with the April 1st specialties, but the jokes continue. ... the day (for all items I'll add the disclaimer that it's likely it's a hoax, ...

Google April Fool's Jokes Galore
[moved from "Google Calendar April Fool's Joke"] ... search engines urges people to make April 1st the new Annual Day Without Google. >>.

Google April Fool
Its not a April 1st joke ... you name it and they have all played a prank on their readers and viewers today! ... Good night, Happy Fool's Day!

Google April Fool's Jokes in 2010 - Google Blogoscoped
Apr 1, 2010 ... Please join our forum thread where all Google-related April Fool's features are collected! [Thanks everyone!] Google April Fool's Jokes ... by ...

Google's April Fool's Joke for Japan (Probably) - Google Blogoscoped
Mar 31, 2008 ... In Japan it's April 1st already and it looks like Google Japan released an April Fool's joke there (or a meta joke, in case the service will ...

Other April Fool's pranks today
James: Didn't see this, but yes every time you load the page... See here: ... Nice annoying April Fools joke :-).

April 1st Predictions?
April first is April Fool's Day and also GMail's birthday so: 1. What do you ... 5 years ago #. "Gmail out of beta" would be a good April Fools Joke.

A Very Special Google Docs Feature (Potential Spoiler) - Google ...
This is definitely a prank, and we're highly amused that anyone thought we might be serious! ... Tests already started, final version to be released on April 1st: ... Update: We now got confirmation it's not an April Fool's hoax ...

Google's April Fool's Joke for

Google's April Fool's Joke for

Google started Virgle

The common theme this year is

The common theme this year is .

their April Fool's site.

their April Fool's site.


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