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Blogspot: More Spam Than Anything Else - Google Blogoscoped
Aug 29, 2005 ... I was curious – how many spam blogs does Google have on their Blogspot server? To get a feeling for this, I'm using the following URL, which ...

Blogspot Down - Google Blogoscoped
Aug 22, 2007 ... Blogs hosted with Google's Blogger are down right now (like the official Google blog, for instance). A search for [] returns ...

Blogspot: More Spam Than Anything Else - Google Blogoscoped ...
Alright, so what is it that legitimate blogspot users can do here? As we all know, moving to a different URL is mighty tricky & undoes a lot of ...

[NSFW] Blogspot
Found a blogspot which contains porn to blogger support few ... theres bunch and bunches of this foo on big deal.

Blogspot Blogger May Remain Anonymous, Court Decides
Nov 19, 2007 ... Blogspot Blogger May Remain Anonymous, Court Decides. Mayer Fertig at the Jewish Star on November 2nd reports (my link/ emphasis):.
Open that, and be quick enough to avoid the redirect (to googleblog.blogspot. com) and click the comments link. It seems like nobody knows ...

Google Brasil Blog
Look in the sidebar: · TOMHTML [PersonRank ... Do you know, how to check who owns particular blog @ blogspot?

Blogspot issues?
Dec 9, 2005 ... So, is anyone else seeing problems with the Blogspot database? If you try to regain your password, the email just takes you to a login page.

Google drops reverse phone number lookup  (2011-02-25)
One of the earliest specialist services provided by Google was reverse phone number lookup. If you used the "phonebook:" or "rphonebook:" operators together wit ...

Google Body Browser  (2010-12-16)
If you're using the Google Chrome developer channel (or Firefox 4 Beta) have a look at the new Body Browser to explore a body in 3D. [Via Google OS.]

Google & Verizon Proposal, and Net Neutrality  (2010-08-10)
Google and Verizon released a proposal relating to net neutrality. They claim their efforts are for an open internet: "[T]here should be a new, enforceable pro ...

Google Ending Google Wave  (2010-08-05)
Google will kill off Google Wave, they told in a blog post. It was a technically very inspiring web app which, however, arrived without any particular and c ...

GoogleServe 2012 Global Week of Service ongoing  (2012-07-04)

New 45' imagery available for 31 cities (June update)  (2012-07-03)

Turing Doodle  (2012-06-23)

How to use the new YouTube interface for video pages  (2012-06-23) Via:

Blogspot: More Spam Than

Blogspot Down

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