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Youtube is blocked in china
"[W]e think it's likely that China is upset with the US over the award it granted to the Dalai Lama and is retaliating by hurting US-based search ...

Google's Real Fight in China - Google Blogoscoped
Jan 14, 2009 ... Michael Liang Zhang is the assistant managing editor of Global Entrepreneur magazine, where this article originally appeared in Chinese ...

FaceBook banned in China
Could be because there's now a Chinese version and the gov't can't control it like ... its banned over china or in different cities area province?

Sites Google Agreed to Censor in China - Google Blogoscoped
Jan 27, 2006 ... This is an incomplete selection of search results which self-censors working together with the Chinese government. Google does not ...

Chinese government blocks Google Sites - Google Blogoscoped ...
For what it's worth, I cannot access from China today. Don't know if it was possible yesterday or the days before. (Also, the ...

Google Spreadsheets Now Working in China
I think China is randomly blocking Google services to harass their customers and probably push them towards more "compliant" companies like ...

Google China Maps Suggestions
Ionut Alex. Chitu [PersonRank 10]. Tuesday, July 22, 2008 6 years ago • 2,071 views. I don't know if this is a recent feature, since I don't use Google China.

Google China's New homepage
OMG ... when did Google become so .. messy .. Google China is going to far (in my view) .. we'll yet to see how this page works out.

How to Disable Google Instant Previews  (2010-11-17)
If you find Google's Instant Previews feature as useless as I do -- you know, those images popping up near search results, often similarly unwanted (when trigge ...

Google Music in China... the way it should be everywhere.  (2010-10-15)

Why is Google's default to open result links in a new window/ tab? [Update: They do this for *in China*]  (2010-09-25)
... and let's say Google does it because that's what most people prefer, then why doesn't Google permanently remember my account's search setting that I don't w ...

Google CEO On Anonymity  (2010-08-11)
NetworkWorld collected a couple of interesting quotes by Google boss Eric Schmidt on the subject of privacy and anonymity. He states that privacy is important, ...

Google Drive search engine has been in preparation  (2012-04-21)
Apparently, Google has already made ​​in China this infrastructure, and is preparing accordingly print screen google drive in google search: http://al ...

Chinese arbor day doodle  (2012-03-13)
Mon 12th Mar / Google China, Taiwan

Ibn Battuta Doodle (second time)  (2012-02-25)
Let's try this: via ...

Doodle Chinese new year  (2012-01-24)
on Monday 23rd Jan: Google China, Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan

Google China Blog Search Goes

New Google China Homepage

Google Life Search China

In comparison, Yahoo China

Censors Too in China

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Chinese users are now offered

Rights Watch in China


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