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Why Does Google Obfuscate Their Code?
If it is in fact, just a bandwidth thing, it'd be cool of them to put out some pages with explanations of what's going on or with the original code int ...

Why Does Google Obfuscate Their Code? - Google Blogoscoped
Feb 8, 2008 ... Why do you think Google obfuscates their client side code before serving it to us.. . like much of their JavaScript or HTML? Here's a quote from a ...

15% of google code is Python
In the presentation I linked to above, they said at least Google Groups and Google Code were written in Python. Some Google libraries are in ...

Google Analytics Tracker Code Change and More
Dec 13, 2007 ... Google Analytics Tracker Code Change and More. There is no specific immediate need to do this, but if you are using Google Analytics for your ...

Dropbox [Beta Code]!!
Okay, I found another Beta Code!! I was watching this video 2/beta/scr ... and about half way through, he talks about the ...

Google's Da Vinci Code Quest Started
has anyone considered that Wei-Hwa is the davinci code quest winner? i mean who is that guy anyway? and why isnt he allowed to say ...

Google Source Code Search?
The 2 existing code search engines are great, both in their own ways. I'm wondering how Google's is going to be special. When I do Google ...

Google's Da Vinci Code Quest Started
Apr 17, 2006 ... Chitu [PersonRank 10]. 8 years ago #. << Fun Game.... dumb fiction book.... I agree. Da Vinci Code is a commercial success, not a good book.

Google drops reverse phone number lookup  (2011-02-25)
One of the earliest specialist services provided by Google was reverse phone number lookup. If you used the "phonebook:" or "rphonebook:" operators together wit ...

Corona, framework for creating iPhone/ Android/ iPad apps  (2010-10-20)
Corona is a development framework for creating apps for iPhone, Android and iPad, and from the first glance over the site I had just now it looks terrific. You ...

Beyond Diaspora: Another Facebook alternative has a head start  (2010-09-27)
Tension has been mounting for some time between Facebook and its increasingly unhappy users[1]. As the web giant commits one breach of trust after another with ...

Google Font Previewer  (2010-07-30)
Google has released a tool which lets you preview and live-edit fonts which are part of the Google Font API. It's called Google Font Previewer and features ...

Turing Doodle  (2012-06-23)

Wikipedia apps for Android and iPhone ditch Google Maps  (2012-04-06)
Wikipedia has become the latest company to turn its back on Google Maps in an update to its iPhone and Android applications. The online encyclopedia has foll ...

Which forum is Bl_ogoscoped using  (2012-02-15)
Yep, this forum is homegrown. Emphasis on *grown*... it was tweaked and adjusted over many years based on changing needs, starting out as a way to accompany Blo ...

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Google's Da Vinci Code Quest

Google's Da Vinci Code Qu .

Google's Da Vinci Code Quest


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