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Google Shortens Cookie Lifetime - Google Blogoscoped
Jul 16, 2007 ... Google in the past was often attacked for its long-lived cookie (a cookie is a local file a website can read and write to save preferences and ...

Cookie Option for YouTube Player
Is the purpose of this option so that you don't have to mention the YouTube cookies in your own site's privacy policy? In any case, why would ...

Why doesn't Gmail save e-mails in a cookie while you type them ...
I'm not saying it's not a good idea, but if Gmail stored your partially-composed message in a cookie that persisted across browser sessions it ...

Google PII Extract w/ Firefox Cookie Bug
Google PII Extract w/ Firefox Cookie Bug. mrbene [PersonRank 10]. Thursday, February 22, 2007 8 years ago • 2,042 views. I was thinking about the recently ...

Another Google Hole Uncovered - Google Blogoscoped
Jan 16, 2007 ... Then I tested this using two different computers, with different IPs, and was able to steal the cookie and login to Google. (On computer 1, I was ...

IE Vulnerability Allows Cookie Stealing - Google Blogoscoped
Jun 6, 2007 ... What this means is that, for instance, the attacker can grab your Google cookie if only you're lured onto their web page and you're signed-in to ...

Google's Optimized Discussion Board Result - Google Blogoscoped
May 26, 2008 ... ... as normal (you can later delete your Google cookies to revert this, but please note I don't know if there's any side-effects to the experiment):.

ID for new test SRP!!
I was following these instructions to change the cookie: /2006-0 ... And also tried with the Cookie Editor FF exension:

Google Founders Were Disagreeing Over Interest-based Ads, WSJ Says  (2010-08-10)
Company-internal disagreements are natural and likely healthy but I think it's interesting what they are about -- from the Wall Street Journal: By late 2008, ...

Google's A-Z of How-Tos  (2010-01-24)
Jeff Anderson in the forum writes, "I just set up a computer for my 7-yr old daughter, installed parent monitor etc. On to google, safe search is on, I was on i ...

Looking Back at Google in 2009  (2009-12-23)
Google is perhaps our decade's Xerox PARC with a commercial edge, and the speed at which they released products in 2009 was quite immense. This shows they do tw ...

A Google Phone Called Nexus One?  (2009-12-14)
According to several sources, Google has given a new Google phone to its employees. It's apparently called Nexus One, Android 2.1-based, looks like this and ...

Google Image Search by Drawing (and Webcam)  (2011-10-04)
@Cookie_Lee what improvements would you like?

Google launches new design  (2011-09-07) How to use? Enter here: ...

[meta] No blog posts in March and April  (2011-05-05)
Philipp: "... I can, of course, close it down before the negative feelings (like spam) overwhelm the positive feelings ..." Before closing the site you mig ...

Google Chrome removes "javascript:" pasted on Omnibox automatically  (2011-06-17)
That's right, it works like that for me too. The "javascript:" part is always removed from the beginning of a string paster into omnibox. Definitely phishing/fa ...



Google Shortens Cookie

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