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Dumbest GMAIL/Ebay Item
Dumbest GMAIL/Ebay Item. Justin Pfister [PersonRank 10]. Tuesday, November 15, 2005 9 years ago. Look at this auction. It's the most ridiculous auction item ...

Google Guys Kicked from eBay Conference?
It seems like millions of dollars is being left on the table, by ebay and google, ... And I know the eBay guys knew the Google guys were there.

Google Checkout Party Canceled Due to eBay Pressure - Google ...
eBay's reaction seems disproportionate. Threatening a withdrawal from Adsense just over a somewhat-childish, but mostly harmless, prank ...

eBay now with support via Skype
eBay now with support via Skype. Corsin Camichel [PersonRank 10]. Wednesday, January 18, 2006 8 years ago. Just noticed a message from ...

The EBay Ad Search Game
Dave - eBay Game Guy [PersonRank 1]. 8 years ago #. I've already gotten 6 emails with suggestions and I've added 10 pics to the site!

Google Checkout Anti-eBay Party
Let me get this right – is this a freedom call to EBay, asking to integrate Google Checkout like PayPal? Google, just buy Ebay for god sake., an Ebay Ad System
"Google" is not "Googles", so at least it shouldn't try to change my keyword. I just checked, and at eBay's search engine, which I guess you use, ...

Google and eBay Teaming Up
EBay is smart in working with Google. While other technology innovators (eBay included) are having difficulties keeping the costs of online and ...

New: Vintage Ad Browser  (2010-01-04)
As of today, Cover Browser got a new sister site: Vintage Ad Browser! Please have a look and tell me your feedback. The site features a browsable and searchable ...

On the Fight Over Control of the Web  (2009-11-19)
Tim O'Reilly argues that we're heading for a web war -- an ugly fighting over the control of the web, which goes against the web as an interoperable platform: ...

Google Results Show a Page's Place Within the Site Hierarchy  (2009-11-19)
Some websites have a hierarchical navigation path; for instance, the eBay URL is put in Home > Buy ...

Google Erronously Removes PirateBay for a While  (2009-10-05)
Google erronously removed the homepage of torrent tracker from its results. By now it's back in. What happened? Well, at first Google blamed it ... status ?  (2011-01-27)
Anyone know what Google is doing about ?? This seems to be an entree into a webservice that will compete with Amazon ,ebay etc...a full e-commerce ...

Chrome OS & Chrome Web Store to Launch December 7th  (2010-12-04)
@ A S: The QR-code form doesn't have the type of participant field. It only has a small subset of the fields on the main form @mbegin: That file browser is p ...

Google killed  (2010-05-21)
Whose idea was this sidebar? Worst epiphany EVAR. Might as well link to the top sites on the web... YouTube, Facebook, Amazon, eBay, MySpace... and even a ...

Google Shopping logic  (2010-05-17)
Well, sorted by price "low to high," it ought to appear in position between $59.95 and any $60.95. In position 16, halfway on page 2 in my 10-results-to-a-page ...

for instance, the eBay URL

to create an eBay auctions

Google Guys Kicked from eBay Conference?

for instance, the eBay URL

Due to eBay Pressure

More AdSense Weirdness

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