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Google Guys Kicked from eBay Conference? - Google Blogoscoped
Jun 19, 2007 ... I was at the closing gala for the eBay Live 2007 conference as an exhibitor. The conference itself had some interesting features: attendance ..., an Ebay Ad System - Google Blogoscoped
Mar 16, 2007 ... AuctionAds is a new new service that provides you with eBay ads to include in your website, to make some money (sort of like AdSense).

Bomb Exploded at eBay/ PayPal
8 years ago #. basically so dummy made a makeshift bomb and lit it outside ebay/'d think they'd have security cameras.

Google Checkout Party Canceled Due to eBay Pressure | Dilbert ...
Jun 13, 2007 ... Google on Monday announced an alternative Google Checkout party with free food & massages at the side of an eBay event – likely to lure ...

Google's Update Speed | The EBay Ad Search Game | New Google ...
Jul 26, 2006 ... ... a new game... you get points for scoring funny eBay ads on Google. The EBay Ad Search Game by Philipp Lenssen | Comments (11) ...

Dumbest GMAIL/Ebay Item
Dumbest GMAIL/Ebay Item. Justin Pfister [PersonRank 10]. Tuesday, November 15, 2005 9 years ago. Look at this auction. It's the most ridiculous auction item ...

Google Checkout Anti-eBay Party
Let me get this right – is this a freedom call to EBay, asking to integrate Google Checkout like PayPal? Google, just buy Ebay for god sake.

Google Desktop Released | Ad-free Gmail | Vivisimo Ebay
Thursday, October 14, 2004. Google Desktop Released. Did you ever wonder “ What if Google, not Microsoft, would have made Windows?” Well, here's part of ...

New: Vintage Ad Browser  (2010-01-04)
As of today, Cover Browser got a new sister site: Vintage Ad Browser! Please have a look and tell me your feedback. The site features a browsable and searchable ...

On the Fight Over Control of the Web  (2009-11-19)
Tim O'Reilly argues that we're heading for a web war -- an ugly fighting over the control of the web, which goes against the web as an interoperable platform: ...

Google Results Show a Page's Place Within the Site Hierarchy  (2009-11-19)
Some websites have a hierarchical navigation path; for instance, the eBay URL is put in Home > Buy ...

Google Erronously Removes PirateBay for a While  (2009-10-05)
Google erronously removed the homepage of torrent tracker from its results. By now it's back in. What happened? Well, at first Google blamed it ... status ?  (2011-01-27)
Anyone know what Google is doing about ?? This seems to be an entree into a webservice that will compete with Amazon ,ebay etc...a full e-commerce ...

Chrome OS & Chrome Web Store to Launch December 7th  (2010-12-04)
@ A S: The QR-code form doesn't have the type of participant field. It only has a small subset of the fields on the main form @mbegin: That file browser is p ...

Google killed  (2010-05-21)
Whose idea was this sidebar? Worst epiphany EVAR. Might as well link to the top sites on the web... YouTube, Facebook, Amazon, eBay, MySpace... and even a ...

Google Shopping logic  (2010-05-17)
Well, sorted by price "low to high," it ought to appear in position between $59.95 and any $60.95. In position 16, halfway on page 2 in my 10-results-to-a-page ...

for instance, the eBay URL

to create an eBay auctions

Due to eBay Pressure

for instance, the eBay URL

There's a live preview,

More AdSense Weirdness

Search Engine For Sale

Dollar Homepage on Ebay


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