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Nothing: A high-rated Chrome extension
Nothing: A high-rated Chrome extension. Cookie Lee [PersonRank 9]. Tuesday, February 2, 2010 4 years ago • 1,372 views. .

Google Releases Browser Extension to Run Native Code
Dec 9, 2008 ... Google Releases Browser Extension to Run Native Code. Google has released something to the open source world they call the Native Client.

Create Short URLs With a Chrome Extension
Dec 17, 2009 ... If you don't want to install the google Toolbar to create short URLs using Google's new service, there's also a Chrome extension.

TrackMeNot Extension - Google Blogoscoped
Aug 21, 2006 ... Scared your search history reveals too much about you? TrackMeNot is a Firefox extension trying to obfuscate your search behavior by adding ...

Google Chrome Extension Promotion
By the way, I've tried this Gmail extension (unoffiial) extensions/d ... which uses the desktop notiication API. It only works on ...

Favicons in SERPS
Thanks for your reply imoDOTcom, I don't have that extension. Icons with that extension seem to show up top left but these are bottom left.

Google Goatse Chrome Extension
Google Goatse Chrome Extension. simon [PersonRank 0]. Friday, April 23, 2010 4 years ago • 995 views. Chrome Extension to finally show the right logo on ...

Very nice Dictionary Chrome extension
I've found this Chrome extension, allegedly made by Google. You just have to double-click a word to view its definition in a nice pop-up bubble: ...

Idea: Topical Chat  (2010-12-16)
This website would take the top headlines from a tech or political site for that day -- at first just from Reddit (you gotta start somewhere), but later, from o ...

How to Access the Internet (A Guide from 2025)  (2010-06-24)
Welcome to the Internet! By following the simple rules below, you make sure your internet experience is smooth and risk free. RealIdentity Before signing ...

Google, Apple and Microsoft Showing Off HTML Capabilities  (2010-06-24)
Google has created an (only subtly branded, mostly trying to be neutral looking) HTML5 showcase, presentation and tutorial called HTML 5 Rocks (on a side-note, ...

Gmail Buzz: Mixing Real Life And Your Preferred Discussion Group In All the Wrong Ways?  (2010-02-11)
If I would talk to you about my family life, I think you wouldn't understand the one half, and you wouldn't care about the other half. Conversely, if I woul ...

Doodle Pierre de Fermat  (2011-08-16)
Santos, that would be an extension of Fermat's Last Theorum, which has only recently been proven. So, no, I don't think anyone does.

Google Chrome Extension  (2011-07-09)
Eh, since when does Google Chrome gives a message when there is an extension available from a website. See screenshot :-) ...

Change the Google+ bar color  (2011-07-01)
Hi all, I made a Chrome extension that lets you change the color of the Google Plus bar because the gray is utterly boring (imho). The default color is green, ...

Google Tasks Extension  (2011-05-12) Easily add and manage your tasks from Chrome in one of three ways: * ...

Now that's an interesting Firefox extension.

With a Chrome Extension

the extension will be

Releases Browser Extension

Extension Filters Out

GUtil is a Firefox extension

SiteAdvisor Extension for

SEO Extension for Google


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