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Mark Jen Fired? - Google Blogoscoped
Feb 8, 2005 ... “I regret to inform you that Mark Jen was fired from Google on Friday, January 28th. I don't have any details, but I can tell you that he was quietly ...

A Chat with Aaron Swartz - Google Blogoscoped
May 7, 2007 ... and they moved us out to San Francisco to work at the Wired offices and then they fired me. On the plus side, I did get this nifty shirt. Oh my.

AOL Employees Fired Over Data Leak - Google Blogoscoped
Aug 22, 2006 ... Ouch. The AOL developer who posted the search logs online recently was fired, Elinor Mills reports. So was his supervisor. And AOL's chief ...

Mark Jen Indeed Fired for Blogging - Google Blogoscoped
Feb 9, 2005 ... I could confirm yesterday that blogger Mark Jen isn't working for Google anymore. There was still some minor doubt he was fired, and that his ...

Mark Jen Fired
Feb 8, 2005 ... A sad day when you can't speak openly about the good or bad about your company without getting fired? It's been quite a few decades of sad ...

Yahoo Employee Fired for Excessive Programming (Humor ...
Yahoo Employee Fired for Excessive Programming (Humor) (View post). Veky [ PersonRank 10]. Monday, October 9, 2006 8 years ago • 2,270 views. Yes, Perl ...

Bing! Bing! Charlie say it! Bing.. bing. You're fired - Google ...
[Bing! Bing! Charlie say it! Bing.. bing. You're fired]. DPic [PersonRank 10]. Sunday, December 20, 2009 5 years ago • 1,592 views.

Yahoo Employee Fired for Excessive Programming (Humor)
Monday, October 9, 2006. Google Canada Thanksgiving Logo. Canada's Google logo received a thanksgiving makeover today. I couldn't resist and made ...

If Advertising Is a Bubble, Then So Is Google  (2010-02-13)
Doc Searls in an article at Linux Journal writes: Advertising is a bubble. If that's a true statement, Google is a bubble too. And if that's true, many of th ... With Another Story  (2008-07-16)
Here's something that made the frontpage of popular social news site yesterday... a submission titled "A 15 year old from South Wales used his ne ...

LiveLeak Removes Video After Threats  (2008-03-31)
A polemic movie critical of the Islam got removed from LiveLeak after the makers of the video hosting site apparently got threatened. "This is a sad day for fre ...

Chinese Killed by City Inspectors For Recording Protest  (2008-01-13)
CNN, citing a report by Xinhua, reports that Wei Wenhua (I think the Chinese name is 魏文华, but I'm not completely sure) was beaten to death by China city i ...

Bartz resigns from Yahoo! board  (2011-09-13)
Background: Quoting Reuters:

Facebook secretly hired PR firm to smear Google  (2011-05-13)

AOL Employees Fired Over Data Leak

Google Canada Thanksgiving

was fired... due to:

Expect someone to get fired.

A Chat with Aaron Swartz

or has been fired – in any case, he's not working with MS anymore,

Creative Commons' Lawrence

Canada's Google logo received


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