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How to Disable Animations in Firefox - Google Blogoscoped
Oct 28, 2007 ... If you use Firefox but you dislike animated elements on web pages when you're reading (like ads – increasingly served from Google AdSense, ...

google not working from firefox
I'm also having this problem. firefox and vista EI not working with google and some other sites.. it was working fine the last few days after I ...

Adding a Google Translation Shortcut to Firefox - Google Blogoscoped
Dec 9, 2008 ... Adding a Google Translation Shortcut to Firefox. If you often translate bits and pieces using Google Translator, here's one way to quickly access ...

Funny Firefox Errors
I got an error that said :" argh website too popular, redirecting" This wasn't a Firefox error though. It was from the webmaster I presume.

google calculator in firefox
... them not Firefox. Firefox just has the functionality to act as a mediator. That's why Suggestions on appear in Google, Yahoo and

FireFox Update (
8 years ago #. heres the release note by Mozilla FireFox: releases/1 . ... could be theyve released it for the FireFox update.

New Gmail crashes latest Firefox ( - Google Blogoscoped ...
Bill; Every since I received the Firefox upgrade I cannot open my gmail account with my Firefox browser, but yet I can open it through explorer ...

Firefox will change the tabs position to the top... - Google ...
[disable tabs firefox] ... For another browser substitute its name for "firefox". Philipp Lenssen [PersonRank 10].

Google Body Browser  (2010-12-16)
If you're using the Google Chrome developer channel (or Firefox 4 Beta) have a look at the new Body Browser to explore a body in 3D. [Via Google OS.]

Google, Apple and Microsoft Showing Off HTML Capabilities  (2010-06-24)
Google has created an (only subtly branded, mostly trying to be neutral looking) HTML5 showcase, presentation and tutorial called HTML 5 Rocks (on a side-note, ...

Experiences Sending 14,000 Emails  (2010-04-19)
The Goal: Some of the websites I create or co-create have a lot of one-time visitors -- people who may like the project, but due to the type of the site don't ...

Variable Speed for YouTube Videos  (2010-03-08)
If you've opted in to YouTube's HTML5 experiment, the videos will play in your own browser's player, instead of in an Adobe Flash player. This was discussed in ...

Please don't censor the web! campaign  (2012-01-18) has a list of sites and how they are participating. (cave ...

Uganda railway completion anniversary Doodle  (2011-12-21)
Hi everyone i have some problem about firefox. it is forever crashing. Why crashing i dont understand. can you help me? ...

Tilt and Barrel Roll  (2011-11-03)
Sorry, I guess its just me.........(apparantly it doesn't work with Internet explorer.......just firefox, chrome and other browsers)

Google Chrome Extension  (2011-07-09)
I've seen versions for Firefox and IE as well (When I used to use them) I expect they trick a lot of people.

Google Firefox Homepage:

browser-war-firefox-chrome1- ...

Toolbar 5 for Firefox.

If you use Firefox but you

Firefox 4 Design Direction

Firefox logo

Can't Select Google in Firefox

When I go to the Firefox start


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