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Multicolr: Search Flickr By Color - Google Blogoscoped
Aug 10, 2009 ... Multicolr: Search Flickr By Color. The creators of the superb reverse image search engine Tineye have released a new useful tool: Multicolr, ...

Flickr Geotagging - Google Blogoscoped
Aug 29, 2006 ... Flickr now allows you to add location information to your photos. You can explore pics on a (Yahoo) map. To add geo information to your ...

Yahoo Image Search Loves Flickr - Google Blogoscoped
Sep 19, 2007 ... Search Yahoo Images for [google], and 70% (14 of 20) of the results are from Yahoo-owned Flickr*. Search for [google reader], and 100% of ...

Flickr Photo Editor - Google Blogoscoped
Dec 5, 2007 ... Yahoo-owned Flickr integrated web-based photo editor Picnik. This way you can click Edit on top of your image uploaded to Flickr to switch into ...

Google search for [flickr] shows an "interesting" result ... ... ... This thread is locked as it's old... but you can create a new thread in the ...

Yahoo Buys Flickr - Google Blogoscoped
Mar 21, 2005 ... And that's when rumors turn to reality: Yahoo actually bought the social image management web software Flickr (which is still in beta, but ...

Picasa v. Flickr v. YouTube
I don't think Google's Picasa web is doing as well as flickr. You used the terms " flickr" and "picasa", but when I did a trend search using "flickr" ...

Flickr Badge Maker (Nice Identity)
9 years ago • 2,179 views. well when will we get this type of Api Support in Picasa ? Generate your own Flickr Badge by visiting the link below

Beyond Diaspora: Another Facebook alternative has a head start  (2010-09-27)
Tension has been mounting for some time between Facebook and its increasingly unhappy users[1]. As the web giant commits one breach of trust after another with ...

On Google Street View Car Logging Wifi Networks  (2010-04-23)
The Register writes: Google's roving Street View spycam may blur your face, but it's got your number. The Street View service is under fire in Germany fo ...

15 YouTube Killer Features of 2025  (2010-03-05)
In the year 2025, perhaps we'll be seeing: 1. YouTube Super Zoom What it is: When watching a video, you can press the pause button and zoom in on smal ...

Google Acquires Photo Editor Picnik  (2010-03-01)
Online photo editor Picnik has been acquired by Google, as the Picnik blog announces. The Picnik team is excited, writing that "It means we can think BIG. G ...

New Year's Doodle  (2011-12-31)
Another theme: These four latest posts via ...

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Flickr Geotagging

Flickr Photo Editor

Flickr Photo Editor by Philipp

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Multicolr: Search Flickr By


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