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Google Gears in Calendar?
Calendar seems like a good fit for Gears, would love to see this happen. Perhaps we'll get some releases / announcements during tomorrow's ...

Google on Google Chrome - comic book - Page 34
Google on Google Chrome - comic book. Google Chrome is Google's browser project; this comic book by Google, drawn by Scott McCloud, is scanned here and ...

Gears API now officially "Deprecated"
Gears API now officially "Deprecated". hebbet [PersonRank 10]. Tuesday, August 10, 2010 4 years ago • 9,159 views. Google has updated the gears docs and ...

Black Hat: Google Gears offline data is vulnerable - Google ...
This is not news. if you use gears you should already be aware that XSS will be even more dangerous. If you have an XSS exploit on your ...

Google Gears Released - Google Blogoscoped
May 31, 2007 ... Google in a press release states that Gears “marks an important step in the evolution of web applications because it addresses a major user ...

Gmail offline Gears Database not encrypted
Couple of .db files do not have the actual messages but data files stored in the local gears storage had plain text. If you use the AIR SQLite ...

Google Deprecated Google Gears
Hi Hebbit, those files were deprecated because they were an old, developer-only version of Gears. The current public release (0.2.14) is newer.

Google Releases Geolocation Features for Ajax API, Gears
Aug 22, 2008 ... Google provides a neat new way for you to grab the user's location information via JavaScript. It's the ClientLocation property of their Ajax API.

Looking Back at Google in 2009  (2009-12-23)
Google is perhaps our decade's Xerox PARC with a commercial edge, and the speed at which they released products in 2009 was quite immense. This shows they do tw ...

A Local + Server Text Editor Using Chrome  (2009-10-04)
Two goals inspired a little weekend project that turned out to be a lot of fun. 1) I wanted to create a local text based editor in HTML/ JavaScript to update my ...

Add Your Location to Your Gmail Signature (Automatically)  (2009-02-11)
Gmail has a new feature in the Gmail Labs which adds your location to your email signature. It will show something like this: Here's how to enable this: ...

Know Where Others Are With Google Latitude  (2009-02-04)
Google has released a new service called Latitude to share where you are and what you're up to. This is available for certain phones, but it also runs as a ...

Google Reader spring clean  (2010-05-24)
Google made a few changes on Google Reader: -Support for old browsers (IE6...) -Discontinuing offline access via Gears -Simplifying comments http://googlere ...  (2010-05-19)
What's in it for Google? Seems obvious to me. I can't believe no one has commented on the bigger picture: google Gears embedded YouTu ...

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