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By Google Blogoscoped 2007.

A Map of Googleland - Google Blogoscoped
Tuesday, June 5, 2007. A Map of Googleland. [Enlarge Map] · A Map of Googleland by Philipp Lenssen | Comments (17). >> More posts. Advertisement ...

The Church of Google | Smoking Web | Google Chess | Googling ...
Tuesday, June 10, 2003. The Church of Google. Did you ever experience the calming effect of entering "Google" in Google and pressing "I'm Feeling Lucky"?

Graffiti for God (and Google) - Google Blogoscoped
Feb 7, 2008 ... The Graffiti for God website uses Google Maps to show the locations of “blank canvases” (i.e. flat roofs) for graffiti artists wishing to create ...

The Church of Google - Google Blogoscoped
Aug 24, 2006 ... We at The Church Of Google believe a convincing argument can be made stating that the search engine Google is the closest mankind has ...

More Google Cartoons | Dots (DHTML Visuals) | Surfus, Office God ...
Aug 28, 2005 ... “Surfus, the guardian god of the Internet, will deliver the information you seek in a blink! No more “page not found” messages, no more “world ...

A Real Life GOOGLE Church Sign
Although I'm prepared to accept that the first one was "real life", several Church Sign Generators can be found here:

GOD - Google oriented Development
GOD - Google oriented Development. Sankar Anand [PersonRank 10]. Thursday, January 17, 2008 7 years ago • 2,845 views. It's our duty to thank GOD ...

By Google Blogoscoped 2007.

Google God

The Church of Google

The Graffiti for God website

Please God Just One More .

God created everything,

Googleland (as Seen in Wired)


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