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Google Replaces Video Link with Products Link - Google Blogoscoped
Nov 22, 2007 ... Google on their global homepage replaced the top-left link to Google Video with a link to Google Product Search, the former Froogle.

Froogle Now "Product Search" - Google Blogoscoped
Apr 19, 2007 ... Froogle has been renamed to Google Product Search, Google announced, as “ the name caused confusion for some because it doesn't clearly ...

Google Product Search Filled With Google Checkout Badges (No ...
Google Blogoscoped. Friday, November 30, 2007. Google Product Search Filled With Google Checkout Badges (No PayPal Badges In Sight). [Quote 1 source ...

Google Goggles: Take Photos of Things Around You to Search for ...
Dec 8, 2009 ... Google launched Goggles, an Android phones application which lets ... the book at Google Books, look for its prices at Google Product Search, ...

Experimental Google Product Boxes on Search Results?
Jun 22, 2009 ... Searching Google for tivo and dell inspiron, Steve Baldwin says he saw above Google image product boxes to the side. They're gone for Steve ...

Google Product Ads Beta? - Google Blogoscoped
Jun 19, 2009 ... Product ads are paid product listings that appear when users search for products on Google. Through participation in the Google Affiliate ...

Which Google Products Make Money? - Google Blogoscoped
Jan 7, 2009 ... Below overview checks which Google products directly make money for Google .... Google Product Search, x, ✓, x, Formerly known as Froogle.

Product Search in Web SERPs
I found this after doing a normal search. Instead of providing a onebox result for the products, they've indexed a product search query instead.

Google Calculator Gone?  (2007-01-02)
Google way back (with a working calculator) This isn't a good start for Google in 2007: the Google Calculator and currency converter doesn't work anymore, as ...

Nigritude Ultramarine Round Two  (2004-06-14)
The second month of the Nigritude Ultramarine competition is still going. The first month was the player award (the iPod), the second month is t ...

[Meta] Forum suggestion  (2008-02-13)
Ianf, I like your thinking, though I also wanna keep the forum as automated (easy) as possible. To me, the words contained in a comment itself would be the idea ...


Froogle Now "Product Search"

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