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Google Talk Tips - Google Blogoscoped
Aug 25, 2005 ... Certain smileys, like :) or :-(, are recognized by Google Talk and will turn blue. You can change the font size of the chat window, even though ...

Jabber Transports (or How to Connect Google Talk with Any IM)
May 2, 2006 ... Many people want to talk via Google Talk or Gmail Chat with friends in other Instant Messaging networks. Most of them don't know that because ...

Google Talk Translation Bots - Google Blogoscoped
Dec 19, 2007 ... Google announced they introduced a couple of translation bots to their chat software Google Talk. For instance, invite ...

Google Group Chat Feature Released - Google Blogoscoped
Jun 22, 2007 ... It's a small feature, but much requested, and with interesting implications for all Google Talk users: the browser-based Google Talk gadget now ...

Google Talk Gadget - Google Blogoscoped
Mar 14, 2007 ... It's quite nice, and after a quick trial I have to say I prefer this to both desktop Google Talk, as well as Gmail's Google Chat alternative. You can ...

Find Chat Friends for Google Talk
Maybe some native speaker form Google Blogoscoped forum would ... We can turn this thread into a "find chat partners for Google Talk" thread.

Google Talk's Font
Google Talk's Font. Rafael Madeira [PersonRank 0]. Monday, October 3, 2005 8 years ago. I was trying to find out which font is used on Google Talk's main ...

Google Talk 'Ding' Sound
Anyone know where I could get the 'Ding' sound from Google Talk (when you receive a message)? I want to use it for my MSN! Thanks!

Logging IRC  (2005-02-13)
Google searches a lot, but so far they won’t touch IRC, the Internet Relay Chat network*. Here, people meet and talk all day long, and of course, they produce ...

Gmail Chat easter egg  (2006-11-09)
or you could just send one and do the same's not really an easter egg- smileys just resume their original position when the cursor moves over them. ...

Google Talk Now With Avatars

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