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Dialpad in Google Talk
This pictures suggest that we may be able to call landlines from Google Talk soon. Right now you can only call users Google Talk, and The ...

New "invisible" mode in Gmail chat
If you are using Google Talk at the same time, then you would see this message ... You can still chat in Live Messenger while appearing offline.

Google Talk Tips
Tab works to switch between chat windows too, doesnt have to be ctrl tab ... I loved Google Talk the game more than the IM server and client.

GMail Chat 2000 Character Limit
I've noticed a new 2000 character in gmail chat. I guess this is something that can only be implemented at the client level for xmpp/jabber.

Finanlly, a new Google Talk client!
I still wish they would make a Google Talk client for the Mac that had Voice support. ... c) can't detach chat windows from mail window – BAD

Google Talk Tips - Google Blogoscoped
Aug 25, 2005 ... Certain smileys, like :) or :-(, are recognized by Google Talk and will turn blue. You can change the font size of the chat window, even though ...

[Google Chat] what does idle mean?
Google Blogoscoped ... on any gmail functions or lack of activity on any google function or lack of activity on any app on the computer? anybody ...

Google Talk Translation Bots - Google Blogoscoped
Dec 19, 2007 ... Google announced they introduced a couple of translation bots to their chat software Google Talk. For instance, invite ...

Logging IRC  (2005-02-13)
Google searches a lot, but so far they won’t touch IRC, the Internet Relay Chat network*. Here, people meet and talk all day long, and of course, they produce ...

Gmail Chat easter egg  (2006-11-09)
or you could just send one and do the same's not really an easter egg- smileys just resume their original position when the cursor moves over them. ...

Google Group Chat Feature

Google Talk

Google Talk Gadget

Google Talk for iPhone

New Google Talk Features: File

Google Talk Smileys Update

Google Talk Birthday Logo

Google Talk Translation Bots


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