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Creating a Googleshare Map With Google Spreadsheets
Mar 21, 2008 ... What's "googleshare"? Also called mindshare, the Googleshare expresses how much any two given concepts are related to each other.

Googleshare Floors - Google Blogoscoped
Jun 5, 2007 ... Googleshare calculates the likeliness that two things belong together or are strongly related, by looking at the Google page count for specific ...

Google Mindshare | Ways for Google to Out-Google Itself | Google ...
May 25, 2003 ... Based on an idea by Steven Johnson, the Mindshare (or Googleshare): “Google mindshare is calculated as follows: determine the size of the ...

Creating a Googleshare Map With Google Spreadsheets - Google ...
Thanks so much for this post, great fun to play with the googleshare. But I'm noticing that the page count value is different in Google docs than ...

Googleshare Categorizer | End of Google Premium Sponsorships ...
Jun 13, 2003 ... The Googleshare competition based Categorizer went online. It's working similar to the Centuryshare calculator. Note that the Google Web API ...

Googleshare Translations - Google Blogoscoped
Feb 5, 2007 ... Wired recently ran a pretty interesting article on the machine translation efforts of Jaime Carbonell of Meaningful Machines. From what we know ...

Googleshare Translations
I have used Google to learn english by using exactly the mentioned googleshare :P. To find spelling errors and to find common phrases to use.

My Mindshare 10-Point Declaration 1. My mindshare is mine. 2. My mindshare has real monetary value. 3. I have a right to sell, trade, or keep ...

Measuring Google Mindshare

Creating a Googleshare Map

Creating a Googleshare Map

Googleshare” diagram,

As we can see,

To cross-check if we're getting meaningful results, I've used the term “

The algorithm behind this is a kind of normalized Googleshare,

by calculating the celebrity name's googleshare with the word “sexy”.


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