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Creating a Googleshare Map With Google Spreadsheets
Mar 21, 2008 ... This can be used to create a world map illustrating the Googleshare for a given keyword across different countries; now-Google employee ...

Google Mindshare | Ways for Google to Out-Google Itself | Google ...
May 25, 2003 ... “Google mindshare is calculated as follows: determine the size of the result set for a keyword or phrase. Determine the result set size for that ...

My Mindshare 10-Point Declaration 1. My mindshare is mine. 2. My mindshare has real monetary value. 3. I have a right to sell, trade, or keep ...

Wikipedia, the Google way
It's also related to Googleshare. Take a look at ... and scroll down to "To add a search engine to the site".

Google Laugh Rank - Google Blogoscoped
Jan 16, 2007 ... Googleshare, or Google Mindshare, is a fascinatingly useful approach indeed. * Note the site is slow at times... Google Laugh Rank by Philipp ...

Google US Puzzle Championship | GQL Search Agents Unveiling ...
May 28, 2003 ... ... normalize the graph by calculating the inverse correlation and its peak — a sort of “Zeitgeist mindshare” showing tendencies: As we can see, ...

Edit Google Spreadsheet With Everyone - Google Blogoscoped
May 15, 2008 ... Ionut Alex. Chitu reports you can now edit a spreadsheet with anyone who knows the URL, as an option, and not just people with a Google ...

Google Aquires JotSpot
Great service, but I wonder. Does Google buy technology or mind-share? Tony Ruscoe [PersonRank 10]. 8 years ago #. I'd never even heard of ...

Measuring Google Mindshare

Creating a Googleshare Map

Googleshare Floors

Googleshare” diagram,

The algorithm behind this is a kind of normalized Googleshare,

its “Googleshare” of

by calculating the celebrity name's googleshare with the word “sexy”.

Here's Stanley Kubrick and his films (2001: A Space Odyssey ranks highest):


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