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GTalkr Creators Hired by Google? - Google Blogoscoped
May 14, 2006 ... GTalkr was a web-based Google Talk (before there was Gmail Chat, that is). If you go to now, this is what you'll see, as Haochi ...

Google CEO: "An IPO is not on my agenda" | Getting Hired at Google ...
Feb 1, 2004 ... Getting Hired at Google. “Robin Ward had a brush with Google greatness, and the experience gave him some insight into why the company is ...

Google buys out Mozilla?
A good while ago, they hired Ben Goodger, Firefox' lead developer. ubergizmo. com/15/archives/2005 ... Sam Davyson [PersonRank 10].

GTalkr is down...g ... dpneal [PersonRank 10]. 8 years ago #. Ok, so have Google just hired all the people who created it then?

Google's Salar Kamangar Interviewed
Esp. with Google's Standford-only hiring policy (yes, I'm basically kidding), there have gotta be a couple of roommates that got hired and are ...

Google Decorates for Christmas | The "Hire Me, Google" Blog
Friday, December 9, 2005. Google Decorates for Christmas. Search Google for Christmas – at least in the USA, or with Google Web Accelerator – and you'll get ...

Google Charts API Update - Google Blogoscoped
Mar 19, 2008 ... The thing that Google hired Vint Cerf for (they must have hired him for something tangible over and above "internet evangelism"). [Thanks ...

Tony Ruscoe: Going Google
Married and hired by Google, all in the same year. You're lucky Tony. Now, back to work :) Félicitations from the other side of the Channel.

YouTube: "For years, Viacom continuously and secretly uploaded its content to YouTube, even while publicly complaining about its presence there."  (2010-03-19)
Chief Counsel of Google-owned YouTube, Zahavah Levine, in a blog post relating to the Viacom vs. YouTube lawsuit writes: For years, Viacom continuously a ...

15 Annoying Things About Google revisited  (2009-09-29)
I decided to take a quick look at how much progress Google has made on fixing the bug reports I filed on this blog four years ago: 1) When you search for the ...

Anti-Google Lobbying in Washington  (2009-08-28)
Daily Finance reports: Microsoft's chief Washington lobbyist has been convening regular meetings attended by the company's outside consultants that have ...

Planet Google (Book)  (2008-10-06)
A new book by Randall Stross is out; it's called "Planet Google" and covers Google's beginnings but also their latest actions and troubles. It's a very goo ...

Facebook secretly hired PR firm to smear Google  (2011-05-13)

Google's Lowest Caste, the Yellow Badges  (2011-05-01)
"In September 2007 I was hired jointly by Transvideo Studios and Google, both headquartered in Mountain View California. Transvideo had a contract with Google a ...

Google's Wael Ghonim released, turns out he sparked the protests  (2011-02-09)
I have a big faith that change is going to happen. We stood against alot the police, thugs hired by the government and the official media. And you can't imagi ...

Consumer Watchdog Launches Google Watch Site  (2010-05-20)
Of course John Simpson says no. He receives his money from the Rose Foundation, not Microsoft. The Rose Foundation in turn doesn't break down who donates or why ...

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GTalkr Creators Hired by Google?

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