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Google My Search History - Google Blogoscoped
Apr 20, 2005 ... The Google Labs brewed up My Search History to enable you to “find information you thought you lost.” After you login using your Google ...

Search Engine History - Google Blogoscoped
Search Engine History. B.C-1956: The Dawn of Computing. Before Christ, there was the counting aid Abacus. Some centuries later, in 1642, Blaise Pascal ...

Gmail's New Chat History - Google Blogoscoped
Feb 7, 2006 ... Even when you enable chat history*, you can click the options arrow in the top- right corner of any chat window and select “Off the record” so the ...

The Urban Legend Google History - Google Blogoscoped
The Urban Legend Google History. The roots of modern Google can be traced back to Googel Cars & Co. of 1923. In the emerging German automobile industry,  ...

Google Images Search History - Google Blogoscoped
Jul 3, 2005 ... Google extended its Search History functionality to cover the image search as well. Search on Google Images when you're logged in and you'll ...

Search History Privacy - Google Blogoscoped
Apr 29, 2005 ... This is just a little clarification to certain My Search History privacy issues which have been discussed lately. Some people said they have ...

Google Search History Art Project - Google Blogoscoped
Apr 2, 2007 ... French net artist Albertine Meunier points to her spoken and visualized search history and explains: My Google Search History is a video ...

Download Albertine's Google Search History - Google Blogoscoped
Jan 29, 2009 ... Net artist Albertine Meunier has been tracking her Google search history for quite some time now and has now published the results as a text ...

Color Sound Machine (and what else I've been doing lately)  (2011-08-15)
For those of you who've been wondering whether I had turned to stone, fallen into a bottomless pit, or been climbing the Himalaya... no, none of that is true, e ...

Beyond Diaspora: Another Facebook alternative has a head start  (2010-09-27)
Tension has been mounting for some time between Facebook and its increasingly unhappy users[1]. As the web giant commits one breach of trust after another with ...

Graphic Adventures, the Book  (2010-07-22)
Early last year after reading a book about Lucasfilm, I wanted much more information on my beloved games like Maniac Mansion, Secret of Monkey Island or Loom. I ...

How to Access the Internet (A Guide from 2025)  (2010-06-24)
Welcome to the Internet! By following the simple rules below, you make sure your internet experience is smooth and risk free. RealIdentity Before signing ... history in Germany?  (2012-04-15)

Doodle Elias Lönnrot's 210th birthday  (2012-04-09) The second Doodle from Finnish culture in the history :)

Top 10 Google's 2011 doodles  (2012-01-01)
Quoting IBN Live: etc.

Doodle Kazakhstan indep. day  (2011-12-18)

Google My Search History. “

New: Google Web History

Gmail aka Google Mail has a

A second Gmail chat feature is

New: Google Web History

Gmail's New Chat History

a bit of visual history of

Search Engine History


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