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Google Personalized Homepage for iPhone
Not the regular personalized homepage. ... I haven't tried on my phone yet, but can't you go to the original iGoogle page to view the full sized ...

Personalized Homepage RSS change
I've just realised how handy Google Reader is – I had to actually add a news module onto the page, as I normally use the Reader Gadget.

Google Personalized Homepage Themes - Google Blogoscoped
Mar 20, 2007 ... Google's personalized homepage has a new feature: themes. Just go to google. com/ig, login if you aren't, and hit the “Select theme” link to the ...

View Your iGoogle Gadget Stats in One Place - Google Blogoscoped
Nov 21, 2009 ... Google released a Gadget Dashboard for iGoogle gadget developers. ... even be in sight during page load, pushed down by other gadgets).

Gmail iGoogle Gadget Broken?
My iGoogle page has been doing this since some time yesterday. The RSS ... All the content within them is floating to the right of the gadget.

Google Promoting Social iGoogle Gadgets - Google Blogoscoped
Aug 18, 2009 ... Google Promoting Social iGoogle Gadgets. Google is currently pushing social gadgets via a link from their homepage. ... Each social gadget displays a special multi-user icon in its top right, and has to be initially granted ...

Google Groups on Personalized Homepage
Thx. I've added the mod to my homepage & it seems to work fine. The "new message" is also inaccurate on the groups pages, so the problem is ...

Google Personalization Workshop: Gadget Maker and More
Apr 30, 2007 ... Marissa says the Google Personalized Homepage was thought up in ... Google gadgets that you can put on your iGoogle page, and that this ...

Special iGoogle for Hong Kong,

Social iGoogle Gadgets

Google Personalized Homepage

Special iGoogle for Hong Kong,

Google Releases Homepage API

personalized homepage

Google released a Gadget

Google Personalized Homepage


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