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Google Promoting Social iGoogle Gadgets - Google Blogoscoped
Aug 18, 2009 ... Google is currently pushing social gadgets via a link from their homepage. The promo reads “New! Post updates and play games with friends ...

iGoogle 20% of All Visits to Google Homepage - Google Blogoscoped ...
iGoogle was one of the fastest growing Google products in 2006 and ... significantly more (or less) use Google as their browser homepage ...

New iGoogle Live
Oct 17, 2008 ... Google had been testing a new layout for their personalized homepage since some time. It's now rolled out by default at The tabs ...

Google Personalized Homepage Themes - Google Blogoscoped
Mar 20, 2007 ... Google's personalized homepage has a new feature: themes. Just go to google. com/ig, login if you aren't, and hit the “Select theme” link to the ...

Google Personalized Homepage for iPhone
You only get the iPhone Personalized version. The classic version refers to the classic Google homepage. Not the regular personalized ...

View Your iGoogle Gadget Stats in One Place - Google Blogoscoped
Nov 21, 2009 ... Google released a Gadget Dashboard for iGoogle gadget developers. On this page, you can add gadget of yours by URL – for some, you may ...

Google Personalization Workshop: Gadget Maker and More
Apr 30, 2007 ... Marissa says the Google Personalized Homepage was thought up in 2004. The original mockup had a logo of “iGoogle” (and the URL for the ...

Personalized Google/ Dell Homepage - Google Blogoscoped
Jan 7, 2006 ... Caleb Eggensperger sends in this: “Got a dell today. Besides the usual AOL drivel it had installed by default, it had Google Toolbar, GDS, and ...

Special iGoogle for Hong Kong,

Social iGoogle Gadgets

Google Personalized Homepage

Google Releases Homepage API

New iGoogle Live

Personalized Google/ Dell

Special iGoogle for Hong Kong,

IGoogle's New Gadget-to-Gadget


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