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Variable Speed for YouTube Videos  (2010-03-08)
If you've opted in to YouTube's HTML5 experiment, the videos will play in your own browser's player, instead of in an Adobe Flash player. This was discussed in ...

If Advertising Is a Bubble, Then So Is Google  (2010-02-13)
Doc Searls in an article at Linux Journal writes: Advertising is a bubble. If that's a true statement, Google is a bubble too. And if that's true, many of th ...

Chrome OS: Consistent Look of Web Applications  (2009-12-27)
Franta H. in the forum writes: One of the biggest problems of Chrome OS will be that its "applications" won't have consistent UI look. This is sometimes ...

Looking Back at Google in 2009  (2009-12-23)
Google is perhaps our decade's Xerox PARC with a commercial edge, and the speed at which they released products in 2009 was quite immense. This shows they do tw ...

A Google Phone Called Nexus One?  (2009-12-14)
According to several sources, Google has given a new Google phone to its employees. It's apparently called Nexus One, Android 2.1-based, looks like this and ...

Google Chrome for Linux & Mac, Chrome Extensions (and a Promo Site With Privacy Hole)  (2009-12-09)
Chrome for Linux and Mac The Google Chrome browser is now also available for Mac (see screenshot above) and Linux. Google in an email some of you receive ...

A Preview of Google Chrome OS  (2009-11-20)
Google has released Chromium OS*, the open source precursor to their Chrome OS (which Google says will be "ready for users" in a year). Google in a blog pos ...

Brad Fitzpatrick (of LiveJournal, now at Google) Talks About Programming  (2009-11-07)
Brad Fitzpatrick, born in 1980, started to learn programming at the age of 5. In high school he went on to create a voting booth script called FreeVote, w ...

15 Annoying Things About Google revisited  (2009-09-29)
I decided to take a quick look at how much progress Google has made on fixing the bug reports I filed on this blog four years ago: 1) When you search for the ...

Ron Talks About Building a Video Site for Kids... and Clashing With the Laws of YouTube  (2009-08-12)
Ron is the creator of, a site for kids and their parents which uses the YouTube API. When he sent me the pointer I blogged about it, and his appr ...

Google Announced Their Operating System: Chrome OS  (2009-07-08)
Google announced an open source OS called Google Chrome Operating System. Google's aim seems to make this a lightweight operating system that has a browser ...

Google's User Interest Categories for Ad Targeting  (2009-03-24)
Some of Google's advertisers are offered to base their campaigns to target specific interests of users, as discussed in the previous post. The ad preferences pa ...

Google Drive is finaly here!  (2012-04-24)
i uploaded some mp3s - but theres no in-browser media player ( on linux here, so i have to use gdrive via the web..)

Google's Spring Clean  (2012-04-21)
Closing even more services: Google Flu Vaccine Finder Google Rel ...

Google Drive  (2012-04-17)
Is it possible, that after all these years of rumors, that GDrive is finally going to be released? There have been rumours the entire time I have been on the ...

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Google Dates Linux to 1910

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