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How do I get to my Gdrive? Browse your /mnt/platypus directory mounted on your computer. Each of the top-level directories under /mnt/platypus/ corresponds to ...

Picasa for Linux!
RPM: ... DEB: ... BIN: ... justin flavin [PersonRank ...

Linux can't run without windows
Actually, you can install Linux right from Windows (as a .exe). But I guess it doesn 't count :-) And then there's virtualization to run Linux from ...

A Google Linux Distribution?
The major problem I've had with all the linux dist I've tried is hardware support ( especially with laptops). Let's see how it turns out, maybe it'll ...

Chromium for Mac und Linux
Chromium for Mac und Linux. hebbet [PersonRank 10]. Saturday, May 9, 2009 5 years ago • 1,876 views. ... James Xuan ...

Google Earth Linux Packages
Google Earth used to come in .bin files for Linux. I can remember having problems getting it to install when GEarth 6 came out. Now when you ...

Google Gadgets for Linux: One Step closer to Open Source
Jun 5, 2008 ... Google has always been a friend of open source. First, when they were “only” a search engine as a user with their Linux based servers or their ...

Picasa 3 for Linux
Picasa 3 worked perfectly with wine since it was released for windows. It still doesn't support video in linux though. There is still no native port.

Variable Speed for YouTube Videos  (2010-03-08)
If you've opted in to YouTube's HTML5 experiment, the videos will play in your own browser's player, instead of in an Adobe Flash player. This was discussed in ...

If Advertising Is a Bubble, Then So Is Google  (2010-02-13)
Doc Searls in an article at Linux Journal writes: Advertising is a bubble. If that's a true statement, Google is a bubble too. And if that's true, many of th ...

Chrome OS: Consistent Look of Web Applications  (2009-12-27)
Franta H. in the forum writes: One of the biggest problems of Chrome OS will be that its "applications" won't have consistent UI look. This is sometimes ...

Looking Back at Google in 2009  (2009-12-23)
Google is perhaps our decade's Xerox PARC with a commercial edge, and the speed at which they released products in 2009 was quite immense. This shows they do tw ...

Google Drive is finaly here!  (2012-04-24)
i uploaded some mp3s - but theres no in-browser media player ( on linux here, so i have to use gdrive via the web..)

Google's Spring Clean  (2012-04-21)
Closing even more services: Google Flu Vaccine Finder Google Rel ...

Google Drive  (2012-04-17)
Is it possible, that after all these years of rumors, that GDrive is finally going to be released? There have been rumours the entire time I have been on the ...

Google Dates Linux to 1910

Chrome for Linux and Mac

Google Gadgets for Linux: One

Google Dates Linux to 1910

Google Chrome for Linux & Mac,

A Google Linux Distribution?

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