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Sync Google Calendar and Contacts with Mobile Devices
Feb 9, 2009 ... A number of official Google blogs have just announced that Google Sync – a way of synchronizing your Google Calendars and Contacts with ...

Putting Google On Your Phone - Google Blogoscoped
Jul 10, 2007 ... You can select which modules you'd like in your mobile homepage based on ... Once you've installed the phone client and added Blogger as a ...

Google drops reverse phone number lookup - Google Blogoscoped
Feb 25, 2011 ... One of the earliest specialist services provided by Google was reverse phone number lookup. If you used the “phonebook:” or “rphonebook:” ...

Google AdSense for Mobile - Google Blogoscoped
Sep 18, 2007 ... Google has released their AdSense for Mobile program for a couple of countries now after testing it for some while*. To use this, log-in to ...

Google Calendar for Mobile Phones - Google Blogoscoped
Thursday, May 24, 2007. Google Calendar for Mobile Phones ... You can also “ quick add” new events from your phone. Neat & useful! [Via Google Blog.].

Google drops reverse phone number lookup
Perhaps the reverse phone search elimination is related to Google's changed relationship with phone companies. Google also removed ...

How to Get Birthday Reminders on Android?
Hope you like your G1 phone. I just got a HTC dream a few days ago. So far so good. Henning [PersonRank 3]. 5 years ago #. As the birthday ...

G1 Android Phone Emulator - Google Blogoscoped
Oct 5, 2008 ... You can check the upcoming (Google) Android phone by T-Mobile in a rotateable view as well as in an emulator that lets you click through the ...

App Stores Scope Illustrated  (2010-10-22)
Creator & creation contexts could be single creator, team, crowdmade, automatically generated, indie publisher vs big studio etc. Consumer & usage c ...

Google Search API Adds Image Results  (2007-07-23)
Finally, you can now have image search results as part of the Google AJAX Search API. Take a look at the documentation or this page's source code to get started ...

Local Business Center Becomes Google Places, Competes with Foursquare?  (2010-04-20)
Via [TechCrunch|] I think this could be an interesting addition to Maps in the future and that whole idea ...

mobile google docs!  (2007-08-30)
Having just tried the link Ionut's provided, I can view my documents on my mobile and get a similar footer to Insane Ninja: Sign out Docs Home L ...

T-Mobile's G1 phone was

T-Mobile's G1 phone was

a new mobile phone running

Google Calendar for Mobile

G1 Android Phone Emulator

has a new mobile version.

The back of the phone

Google Mobile


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