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OpenSocial Live Now - Google Blogoscoped
Nov 2, 2007 ... In case you missed this news, Google's OpenSocial API went live now (oh, and MySpace is now an official OpenSocial partner too, making ...

OpenSocial to Launch soon??
The OpenSocial "coalition" is much more than Google, now, and may demand alternatives to Google Accounts. Sixapart may already be ...

Google Promoting Social iGoogle Gadgets - Google Blogoscoped
Aug 18, 2009 ... This iGoogle push may be a bit late to the party (Google's own OpenSocial as well as other services have been around for a while), but Google ...

An iGoogle Preview With Friends Features, Expandable Views
Apr 21, 2008 ... You can now include the OpenSocial library into a gadget on the iGoogle homepage. This will provide you with some social network ...

Gmail Now Supports Gadgets - Google Blogoscoped
Oct 28, 2008 ... But these widgets can also be embedded in websites, be added to some social networks as part of OpenSocial, or be included on your desktop ...

iGoogle 20% of All Visits to Google Homepage - Google Blogoscoped ...
... iGoogle with the recent "artist themes" logo, concluding it's a move against Facebook... as OpenSocial is part of Google's widget approach.

Planet Google (Book) - Google Blogoscoped
Oct 6, 2008 ... Because Planet Google is so new, even more recent topics like Knol or OpenSocial are covered. (Google Chrome didn't make it into the book, ...

Google Friend Connect Coming Soon
The support site of Friend Connect is now up and running with detailed information on how site owners can integrate the OpenSocial gadgets ...

Google Releases Geolocation Features for Ajax API, Gears  (2008-08-22)
Google provides a neat new way for you to grab the user's location information via JavaScript. It's the ClientLocation property of their Ajax API. All you n ...

Google Me  (2010-06-28)
It will only be "big" if Google has some special sauce to add. Of course Google has plenty of sauces available in its condiments cabinet: OpenSocial, Buzz, A ...

Google acquires Labpixies  (2010-04-27)

Failed Google services  (2010-04-14)
# Dodgeball # Jaiku These two are now Buzz/Latitude? # OpenSocial Well, it was a disappointment, but i think it was created to counter the buzz of ...

OpenSocial Live Now

To get started developing

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OpenSocial Live Now

To get started developing





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