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Google Account Phishing Attempt Using Orkut - Google Blogoscoped
Jul 24, 2008 ... Earlier this week, I received a greetings card from someone called Shelia who was using “Orkut Greetings” (supposedly a service offered by ...

Orkut Community Data Leaking - Google Blogoscoped
Apr 29, 2004 ... Orkut, Google's social networking website, stores some of the most intimate data of its users, equaling that of Gmail in importance. Not all of the ...

Orkut Redesign - Google Blogoscoped
Aug 24, 2007 ... Google yesterday announced they'll be rolling out a new look for their social network Orkut. It's only being shown to a small portion of users ...

Orkut Security Problem - Google Blogoscoped
Feb 25, 2004 ... The page in question with the possible Orkut exploit can be found at [and I suggest to not open this if you logged in to Orkut with this browser] ...

Orkut Alphabet - Google Blogoscoped
Wanna spell something with Orkut's little "people alphabet"? People, Honor, Nature. [Thanks to Jason of the Chinese GFans blog! Images by Google's Orkut.]

Why Orkut is Popular in Brazil - Google Blogoscoped
Mar 9, 2006 ... Loren Baker discusses why Google's Orkut is so popular in Brazil. For one thing, Loren says it has something to do with yogurt: “Orkut sounds ...

Google A-Z | Orkut Security Leaks Continued | Google's Weight ...
Mar 11, 2004 ... Another script posted by an Orkut member shows how wrong it was for the Google-programmers to have GET requests become active like ...

Google Handing Over Orkut Data - Google Blogoscoped
Sep 3, 2006 ... Google will be handing over Orkut user data to a Brazilian Court, the Washington Post reports. The data is supposedly used to “help identify ...

Google People Hopper  (2010-02-05)
Google's social network site Orkut has a new application that lets you morph one face into another. Called People Hopper, it was broken yesterday but is working ...

15 Annoying Things About Google revisited  (2009-09-29)
I decided to take a quick look at how much progress Google has made on fixing the bug reports I filed on this blog four years ago: 1) When you search for the ...

Which Google Products Make Money?  (2009-01-07)
.xMark { color: red; font-size: 120%; font-weight: bold; text-align: center; } .checkMark, .checkMarkCancelled { color: green; font-size: 105% !important ...

[Logo] Orkut 8 years  (2012-01-26)

Google asks for your Birthdates  (2011-10-07)
You might had entered your birthdate, in case you are registered for youtube or orkut or google+ or just have a google profile

Orkut lost his mojo in Brazil  (2011-09-10) Image / Source: Google Discovery Data: Nielsen

Doodle Orkut - Google Blogoscoped Forum

vulnerability on

Selling Your Orkut Community

Why Orkut is Popular in Brazil

Attempt Using Orkut .

Nice homepage image for India on Orkut. .

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