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Chapter 7: Writing Applications Using PHP
This chapter helps you discover how PHP works with Amazon Web Services. ... The examples in this chapter show how to use PHP to create an Amazon Web ...

A PHP Easter Egg - Google Blogoscoped
Jan 8, 2006 ... The makers of the PHP server-side scripting language included an Easter Egg that seems to work on any* PHP-driven website: just append ?

Google Web API Tutorial - Google Blogoscoped
Jun 22, 2003 ... For this small tutorial, I will give examples of a PHP implementation. You can use other languages as well (like Perl). You should be familiar ...

Screen-scraping With PHP5 | Googlebot Alert | Gmail Hype Ending ...
Jun 23, 2004 ... Screen-scraping With PHP5. PHP5 (the latest PHP scripting language release soon to be final) opens up great new possibilities for developers.

PHP Criticism | A Strange Google Journey - Google Blogoscoped
Jul 17, 2004 ... PHP is a very pragmatic approach to programming; it works for ... Thus writing PHP means paying regular visits to the homepage (

Yahoo Term Extraction in PHP5 - Google Blogoscoped
Apr 10, 2005 ... If you don't have the necessary environment to run above PHP snippet, you can still extract terms manually. To do so, simply create a new ...

HypnoMovement | Images and XMLHTTP With PHP | First Image on ...
Feb 19, 2005 ... This is PHP which outputs DHTML. Do you have an image you would like to see HypnoMoved? Let me know. (And if you have any idea how to ...

Small PHP/ MySQL wrapper by Google
Small PHP/ MySQL wrapper by Google. Philipp Lenssen [PersonRank 10]. Sunday, March 16, 2008 7 years ago • 6,564 views. Here are some bits of Google  ...

23andMe Mixes Up Customer DNA Data  (2010-06-09)
23andMe does relatively cheap analysis of your genetic information. Google had invested in the company before, and its co-founder Anne Wojcicki is married t ...

Geocitisize a Site  (2010-04-27)
The Geocities-izer will make any web page look "like it was made by a 13 year-old in 1996". [Via Reddit.]

Google Nexus One Skins  (2010-02-10)
If you own an Nexus One phone but don't like its shelf, GelaSkins offers a couple of wrapper designs, and you can also create your own skin based on an uplo ...

Google to Air Super Bowl Ad?  (2010-02-07)
On their way to become a more normal company, Google went from No Ads to Mostly Good Ads. Two examples are the "story" videos for for Google search and one ...

Robert Moog Doodle  (2012-05-29)
earlier locked thread: ___________________________________

Google Drive logo?  (2012-02-10)
As a website p I in the substance business here is actuallywonderful. I respect it for your pitiless commission. You should maintain it up forever! Most adroit ...

2011 Solstice Doodles  (2011-12-22)
Locked blogoscoped forum: 2011 December Solstice 2011-12-22 05:30 UTC ...

Doodle Lomonosov  (2011-11-26)

to work on any* PHP-driven

a PHP logo.


Instead of the Google News

PHP Criticism

Google Checkout PHP Kit

e.g. it's on top when searching for php-based cms.

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