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Google Patent Search Released - Google Blogoscoped
Dec 14, 2006 ... Google released a new search tool called Google Patent Search. With this service, you're enabled to search through (at the moment) 7 million ...

New Google Patents - Google Blogoscoped
Jul 12, 2006 ... New Google Patents. A couple of new Google search patents are out, Search Engine Watch reports: Associating features with entities, such as ...

Google Makes Pi in the Sky Bids for Patents
4 years ago • 3,476 views. Google made several bids for the Nortel Patents. ... $1,902,160,540 $2,614,972,128

Google Patents Search Result Page | Let Google Create Rounded ...
Dec 12, 2006 ... While this may seem silly, that's the state of software patentspatent an obvious or semi-obvious idea yourself, or expect to be sued by ...

*New* Google Patent Search Beta
notice that the " Patent Search " and " BETA " are NOT part of the logo. ... 2) If you are looking for patents and patent apps from more than 60 ...

Google's patents via Yahoo pipe feed
Unambiguous alternatives: "Google's patents via Yahoo pipe feed" "Google patents' pipe feed" "A pipe feed for Google's patents" Tricky thing ...

New Google Patents
New Google Patents (View post). Tadeusz Szewczyk [PersonRank 10]. Wednesday, July 12, 2006 9 years ago • 2,008 views. Very interesting. It seems that the ...

Google's Book Scanning Patent - Google Blogoscoped
May 3, 2009 ... Google created some seriously nifty infrared camera technology that detects the three-dimensional shape and angle of book pages when the ...

Google to Acquire Teracent, Makers of Algorithm-Generated Banners  (2009-11-25)
Google announced they're acquiring the company Teracent, which creates auto-learning/ self-adjusting image ads. "Teracent's technology can pick and choose f ...

European Elections  (2009-06-07)
Today are the European elections in several countries, including in Germany. One of the parties on the list here is the Pirate Party. On the date of the electio ...

Google Timeline Misses the Mark  (2009-05-14)
There were mentions of the term "Android" as far back as 1270, according to Wikipedia*, but when Google's Timeline feature finds 1788 in a query for android dev ...

MS vs Android  (2011-11-16)
Groklaw has more about the MS vs B&N case. B&N has filed a 45 page supplemental notice of prior art. Itworld has an overview. Groklaw has more detailed c ...

Google acquires over 1,000 patensts from IBM  (2011-09-15)
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Google Patent Search Released

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