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Patriot Search - Our Privacy Policy
Our Privacy Policy. We believe privacy policies are only of value for those who have something to hide. We further believe that only those who are engaging in ...

Google's Privacy Policy In Layman's Words - Google Blogoscoped
Oct 15, 2005 ... I've gone through the “highlights” of the Google Privacy Policy (which recently changed). The highlights document is supposed to be a ...

Google Homepage Now Links to Privacy Policy - Google Blogoscoped
Jul 4, 2008 ... Google Homepage Now Links to Privacy Policy. The Google homepage saw a ... There's also a more fictional look at Google's privacy policies.

Google's Eric Schmidt On Privacy - Google Blogoscoped
Dec 7, 2009 ... Gawker points out that Google CEO Eric Schmidt (who once blacklisted CNet for publishing info about him that was found through Google) in a ...

Google Privacy: Emails, Off-the-record Chats - Google Blogoscoped
Dec 8, 2007 ... Google's services, like Gmail, have privacy policies, but I think it's not always clear what is meant with sentences like “Google maintains and ...

Re: Google's Eric Schmidt On Privacy - Google Blogoscoped
Dec 10, 2009 ... Privacy protects us from abuses by those in power, even if we're doing nothing wrong at the time of surveillance. We do nothing wrong when ...

Privacy Concerns Over Google Chrome's "Omnibox"
Sep 4, 2008 ... From CNet: The auto-suggest feature of Google's new Chrome browser does more than just help users get where they are going. It will also ...

Google's Vint Cerf on Privacy - Google Blogoscoped
Aug 5, 2008 ... A Google employee once said, “Privacy is taken very, very, very seriously here (... ) It's also pretty drummed in to our heads that this wouldn't ...

Beyond Diaspora: Another Facebook alternative has a head start  (2010-09-27)
Tension has been mounting for some time between Facebook and its increasingly unhappy users[1]. As the web giant commits one breach of trust after another with ...

Google CEO On Anonymity  (2010-08-11)
NetworkWorld collected a couple of interesting quotes by Google boss Eric Schmidt on the subject of privacy and anonymity. He states that privacy is important, ...

Micro Drones for Google?  (2010-08-07)
German publication Wirtschaftswoche ("Economy Week") says that German manufacturer Microdrones has delivered a cam-equipped flying mini drone to Google. Mic ...

Consumer Watchdog Launches Google Watch Site  (2010-05-20)
The Consumer Watchdog group has launched a new site called Inside Google "to focus attention on the company's activities and hold Google accountable for its act ...

Google Drive is finaly here!  (2012-04-24)

Google accused of invading privacy with pictures of house numbers  (2012-04-16)

New privacy policy live today 1st Mar  (2012-03-01)

Scroogle and Google-Watch Gone  (2012-02-22) Daniel Brandt has taken down, and his other sites. He say that the server ...

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