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Redesign the Google Logo
Criteria: Redesign the Google Logo 90% of you haven't designed anything new about the logo at all, just re-hashed whats already there.

YouTube redesign
YouTube redesign. Franta H. [PersonRank 6]. Sunday, October 12, 2008 5 years ago • 1,360 views. I noticed that YouTube homepage is slightly redesigned –.

Google News Redesign?
Google News Redesign? Peter Schink [PersonRank 1]. Monday, September 8, 2008 5 years ago • 1,256 views. Hi folks, I have a completly redesigned Google ...

Google Books Redesign
I think the redesign is great – I have already utilized the google book feature quite extensively, and found it very useful to be able to search ...

Google AdSense Login Redesign
I saw the redesign once, not lately though. However i still get the "No AdSense Account An AdSense account does not exist for this login, ...

Great (and Not So Great) Sites Which Need a Redesign
Feb 18, 2005 ... Some sites (many of them tech-oriented) are great on content but really need a redesign to shine. Following are some examples. As Paul ...

See Google's Redesign Experiment
Forum. See Google's Redesign Experiment (View post). David Hetfield [ PersonRank 10]. Friday, September 22, 2006 7 years ago • 3,304 views. << Personally I ...

Winner of the Google Logo Redesign Contest - Google Blogoscoped
Feb 18, 2008 ... There have been a lot of very interesting entries to the little Google logo redesign competition we started. The competition ended on Friday and ...

Joe's Google Redesign:

Third-Party Gmail Redesign

Google AdWords Redesign

Google Reader Redesign

Google Finance Redesign

Small YouTube Redesign

Google Groups Redesign Live

Google Presentations Redesign


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