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Great (and Not So Great) Sites Which Need a Redesign
Feb 18, 2005 ... Some sites (many of them tech-oriented) are great on content but really need a redesign to shine. Following are some examples. As Paul ...

Redesign the Google Logo
Criteria: Redesign the Google Logo 90% of you haven't designed anything new about the logo at all, just re-hashed whats already there.

See Google's Redesign Experiment - Google Blogoscoped
Mar 26, 2006 ... Do you want to see the Google “green bars” layout experiment that's being shown to random searchers for quite a while now? Simply copy and ...

Google Books Redesign - Google Blogoscoped
Sep 26, 2007 ... The Google Book search homepage just received a redesign (some of you were able to spot this prototype before, but it just went live for all).

Another Google Video Redesign - Google Blogoscoped
Apr 18, 2008 ... Google Video redesigned their US homepage again; above, you can see the past designs of Google Video leading to the current one*.

Google Presentations Redesign - Google Blogoscoped
Sep 11, 2008 ... Google Presentations underwent a redesign, making it look more like recent versions of the Google Docs text editor. [Thanks Hebbet for news ...

Google Finance Redesign - Google Blogoscoped
Apr 24, 2008 ... Google's Finance site, originally launched in 2006, received a design overhaul. Pictured above are two older design as well as the new one.

Google Image Results Redesign - Google Blogoscoped
Jan 23, 2007 ... I'm not sure when exactly this happened, but Google seems to have gone live with the redesigned Google Image search results they've been ...

Joe's Google Redesign:

Google AdWords Redesign

Google Reader Redesign

Google Notebook Redesign

Google AdSense Login Redesign

Third-Party Gmail Redesign

Google Groups Redesign Live

Google Groups Redesign


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