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Redesign the Google Logo
Criteria: Redesign the Google Logo 90% of you haven't designed anything new about the logo at all, just re-hashed whats already there.

YouTube redesign ... James Xuan [PersonRank 10]. 5 years ago #. Hmmm...I was hoping for something a bit more radical than ...

Google News Redesign?
Google News Redesign? Peter Schink [PersonRank 1]. Monday, September 8, 2008 5 years ago • 1,256 views. Hi folks, I have a completly redesigned Google ...

Great (and Not So Great) Sites Which Need a Redesign
Feb 18, 2005 ... Some sites (many of them tech-oriented) are great on content but really need a redesign to shine. Following are some examples. As Paul ...

Google Books Redesign
I think the redesign is great – I have already utilized the google book feature quite extensively, and found it very useful to be able to search ...

Google Groups Redesign Live
thats just awesome! the redesign rocks. after my ISP dropped Usenet i started using google groups , but not as much as the old interface wasnt ...

Google AdSense Login Redesign
I saw the redesign once, not lately though. However i still get the "No AdSense Account An AdSense account does not exist for this login, ...

See Google's Redesign Experiment
Forum. See Google's Redesign Experiment (View post). David Hetfield [ PersonRank 10]. Friday, September 22, 2006 7 years ago • 3,304 views. << Personally I ...

Joe's Google Redesign:

Third-Party Gmail Redesign

Google AdWords Redesign

Google Reader Redesign

Google Finance Redesign

Small YouTube Redesign

Google Groups Redesign Live

Google Presentations Redesign


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