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Great (and Not So Great) Sites Which Need a Redesign
Feb 18, 2005 ... Some sites (many of them tech-oriented) are great on content but really need a redesign to shine. Following are some examples. As Paul ... Redesign Redesign. Haochi [PersonRank 10]. Tuesday, September 12, 2006 8 years ago • 1,218 views. Added a little sidebar on the left... Not so beautiful ...

Redesign the Google Logo
Criteria: Redesign the Google Logo 90% of you haven't designed anything new about the logo at all, just re-hashed whats already there.

Google Presentations Redesign - Google Blogoscoped
Sep 11, 2008 ... Google Presentations underwent a redesign, making it look more like recent versions of the Google Docs text editor. [Thanks Hebbet for news ...

Google Groups Redesign
Google Groups Redesign (View post). Abhinav Gautam [PersonRank 1]. Sunday, April 23, 2006 9 years ago • 2,286 views. You can also star whole Groups.

Third-Party Gmail Redesign Style - Google Blogoscoped
Apr 14, 2008 ... The Firefox extension Stylish allows you to easily load homemade stylesheets in your browser, to be applied to specific websites. These custom ...

YouTube Player Redesign
Mar 13, 2008 ... ... Sorry I had just a pink old one in my screenshot archive. This thread is locked as it's old... but you can create a ...

Google Finance Redesign - Google Blogoscoped
Apr 24, 2008 ... Google's Finance site, originally launched in 2006, received a design overhaul. Pictured above are two older design as well as the new one.

Joe's Google Redesign:

Google AdWords Redesign

The Firefox extension Stylish

Google Reader Redesign

Google Notebook Redesign

Small YouTube Redesign

Google Finance Redesign

Google Groups Redesign Live


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