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International SMS in Gmail
When selecting the 'send sms' option it still shows the 'US phones only for now' message, maybe this udate is still being rolled out?

SMS in Gmail gone?
I'm shaking from withdrawals :) No updates from the SMS team either ... SMS in Gmail may be gone, but it's still active for all Google Voice users ...

SMS to France are free in Google voice...
For now, sending SMS is free and takes 2 second in Canada, France, USA. I would like to test other countries. If anyone want to test it with me, ...

Google Calendar SMS Notifications in More Countries - Google ...
Google verification SMS crashes my mobile phone! I have very, very simple old phone. It support phone calls, text messages and nothing else.

Google Calendar SMS Notifications in More Countries
Sep 20, 2006 ... Google Calendar – which recently added a couple of new interface languages – now supports SMS notifications for countries like Sweden, ...

Google adds SMS support in orkut
6 years ago • 1,407 views. ... outer-court/ ... SMS Orkuting :) .

Gmail sends SMS for free
"Gmail SMS Service. See for more details. Send STOP to block all msgs. START to resume again. Send BLOCK to stop all ...

Google SMS Channels for India - Google Blogoscoped
Oct 1, 2008 ... Google in India launched a new Labs service called Google SMS Channels, as Digital Inspiration reports. Digital Inspiration explains the ...

Queries With Removed/ Censored Results in Google  (2010-01-20)
Here are some sample queries which contain removed or self-censored pages, according to Google's disclaimers (I'm including pages missing due to alleged copyrig ...

Dan Siroker: CarrotSticks, Google Chrome, and Obama  (2009-11-06)
Dan Siroker is the founder of kid's learning games site Before that, he was involved with the Obama campaign transition as deputy new media ...

Not All Of Google May Be Available In Your Country  (2009-07-24)
The name is "world wide web", but it's not always. What are some of Google's services that will only work in one country, or a limited set of countries? (Un ...

Google Profiles Onebox  (2009-04-22)
Google has started to roll out integration of Google Profiles into their main results. For instance, search for tony ruscoe and scroll down to the end of th ...

free messaging Services  (2011-06-06)
currently i found a service to send free messaging any other free sites?

Google admits Android SMS bug  (2011-01-07)

2-step verification is open to all Google account  (2010-11-20) no mobile Internet connection or mobile service required. Google Authenticator: ...

Google SMS Channels for India

Google's SMS Payment Pate .

SMS Orkuting :) .

Google Calendar SMS

Google's SMS Payment Patent

For now, sending SMS is free

4) Call and SMS bubbles

Google's SMS Payment Patent


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