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Google Scholar on the Front-page
Google Scholar on the Front-page (View post). Phil Defer [PersonRank 3]. Sunday, June 12, 2005 9 years ago. Well I'm not seeing it (.edu domain though).

Google Scholar Creator Interviewed | Google's Secret Storage ...
Dec 6, 2006 ... Google posted an interview with its Google Scholar lead engineer, Anurag Acharya. Anurag says, “We try to rank [Google Scholar] search ...

Google Scholar Recent Feature - Google Blogoscoped
Apr 20, 2006 ... Google added a feature to Google Scholar that lets you switch to view recent articles only in search results... see the new two upper right links.

Google Scholar blast from the past
Google Scholar blast from the past. Brian Mingus [PersonRank 10]. Sunday, October 16, 2005 8 years ago. According to Google Scholar, the phrase "artificial  ...

What Do You Like/ Dislike About Google? | Gmail Time Management
Aug 22, 2006 ... Like the “similar pages” feature of Google web search, Google Scholar now has a “related articles” link below result snippets (and a “group of ...

PDF files with authors names in SERPs
6 years ago #. Ionut suspects the data source for this to be Google Scholar: ... Christoph [PersonRank 1].

Google Scholar Alerts?
Does anyone know how to get something like Google Alert functionality out of Google Scholar. What I'd really like is an RSS feed updating me ...

Worst Tech Products | Google Scholar Feature Suggestion
May 29, 2006 ... With Gapminder, as Ionut writes, “you can visualize World Development Indicators from The World Bank. You will see a scatterplot where each ...

Which Google Products Make Money?  (2009-01-07)
.xMark { color: red; font-size: 120%; font-weight: bold; text-align: center; } .checkMark, .checkMarkCancelled { color: green; font-size: 105% !important ...

Google Stops Research Datasets Program  (2008-12-23)
Google is cancelling their Google Research Datasets aka Palimpsests program. Its aim was to provide large data sets for others to use. Wired in January this ...

Handing Out Badges and Utilizing Reputation Scores  (2008-11-07)
Stack Overflow, a Digg/ Reddit-style site where you can ask & answer programming questions, has an interesting "Badges" system. Badges are labeled with ...

The Ranking of Knol Articles  (2008-07-28)
Some people noticed Knol articles are already sometimes ranking very well in Google results, even though Google promised Knol articles wouldn't get any arti ...

Problem with google scholar  (2010-11-17)
This is not earthshaking for anybody not in academe, but I've recently been dropped from the authorship of my favorite publication. it's "Population Density an ...

New Google Reader icon!  (2010-08-29)
Erratum: Textcube after Talk Topic Search (Korean) after Toolbar Q&A (Korean) ...

The chinese press reporting foreigners commenting on google leaving china  (2010-03-23)
The China Digital Times has a story titled "The Ministry of Truth Limits Reporting on Google in China 03/23/10 (Updated)". It reports on a large list of restri ...

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