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Import Another Google Spreadsheet's Data - Google Blogoscoped
Aug 13, 2008 ... Google provides a new function for spreadsheets: importRange. This will import the data from a Google Docs spreadsheet you saved into ...

Google Spreadsheets Macros and List Mode Editing
May 28, 2008 ... It seems a bunch of new functionality might be coming to the Google Docs spreadsheets application. By accessing one of Google's ...

QUERY Function for Google Spreadsheets - Google Blogoscoped
Sep 11, 2009 ... Google Docs added a new powerful function to its spreadsheets: the QUERY function. This function allows SQL-like queries using the Qviz Gviz ...

Google Spreadsheets Adds Import Functions, Auto-Fill
Sep 6, 2007 ... Google Spreadsheets just got a bit more powerful. There are four new cell functions to automatically import external data: importXml, ...

Google Spreadsheets Data Validation - Google Blogoscoped
Feb 19, 2009 ... Google Spreadsheets, part of Google Docs, has a new feature: cell content validation. For instance, you can select a column which is supposed ...

Accessing Web Services With Google Spreadsheets
Oct 27, 2008 ... Tony Hirst gives examples of how to use Google Spreadsheets to access data from web services: Calling Amazon Associates/Ecommerce Web ...

Google Spreadsheets Adds Hiding, Color Rules
Oct 17, 2007 ... Google Spreadsheets has several new features, as a Google Docs Guide in the official help group on the subject announced today: Cell colors ...

Function to Translate Google Spreadsheet Cells
Oct 2, 2009 ... Google Spreadsheets has two new functions. One will let you auto-translate the contents of a cell. In my sample document containing German ...

Google Spreadsheets Now Working in China  (2010-06-24)
When Google decided to redirect requests to their .cn (Mainland China) domain to .hk (Hong Kong), some people speculated that more of Google would now be blocke ...

Knol: The State of Play  (2010-03-03)
Knol is a Google service that allows anyone to publish an article about almost anything. When Google's VP of Engineering, Udi Manber, announced Knol in D ...

German Spiegel on Google Goggles' Face Recognition and More  (2010-01-10)
German Spiegel ("mirror") has a relatively good cover story about Google out for tomorrow's issue, perhaps more balanced than some of the magazine's online ...

Looking Back at Google in 2009  (2009-12-23)
Google is perhaps our decade's Xerox PARC with a commercial edge, and the speed at which they released products in 2009 was quite immense. This shows they do tw ...

Google Apps highlights  (2011-01-08)
One of the features described: 'Revision history for spreadsheets'

Google Base still alive?  (2010-11-23)
Google Fusion Tables may be better suited for integration into GDocs (GDocs Spreadsheets)

Extracting info from certain colums in Spreadsheets?  (2010-06-30)
I have a multi-sheet Google Spreadsheets document. Some columns in these sheets contain important information which I would like to extract into an overview lis ...

Google Spreadsheets Now Working in China  (2010-06-24)
I am in Dongguan right now (with China Telecom). Google Docs is not working today (it works sometimes - but need to hit the reload button a few times). Googl ...

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