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Garfield Lost in Translation - Google Blogoscoped
Garfield Lost in Translation. All cartoons are automatically translated from English to Chinese and back using Yahoo or Google. If you enjoyed this, maybe you ...

Google Translator: The Universal Language - Google Blogoscoped
May 22, 2005 ... He compared translations of the current Google translator, and the status ... To the translation system, any language is treated the same, and ...

Google Translator Toolkit - Google Blogoscoped
Jun 9, 2009 ... Evidence that Google was working on a service like this originally surfaced in August 2008 when references to Google Translation Center ...

Google Talk Translation Bots
Dec 19, 2007 ... Google announced they introduced a couple of translation bots to their chat ... Also see Google Translator: The Universal Language from 2005.

Google Translation Center, a New Human Translations Service in ...
Aug 4, 2008 ... Google is working on a new service called Google Translation Center. ... In this view, the translator sees the source text and the translation in ...

Google Chrome Translation Feature - Google Blogoscoped
Mar 1, 2010 ... Google Chrome Translation Feature ... Once their translator is near flaw free, Google could allow such an option, or go further and immediately ...

Auto-Translation for YouTube Captions - Google Blogoscoped
Mar 8, 2009 ... The subtitles of YouTube videos can be auto-translated. If you click the arrow icon in the bottom right of a video and it shows “CC”, that means it ...

Translate Your Gmail Inbox Messages With a Click
May 20, 2009 ... This has got to be my favorite Gmail feature rolled out in the Labs: message translation. Enable it in the Labs settings, and next time you see a ...

Google-powered Laiba's Comments Warning  (2009-01-06)
"Lái ba" (来吧) means "come here" in Chinese and is the name of the Google-powered social site by Tianya. (The site is moderated and disallows certain po ...

Adding a Google Translation Shortcut to Firefox  (2008-12-09)
If you often translate bits and pieces using Google Translator, here's one way to quickly access it: go to ...

Fun With Google's New In-House Translator  (2007-10-24)
Just enter "sarkozy sarkozy sarkozy" (no quotes) into Google's new translator (Sarkozy is the French president). Then pick the French to English translation. [T ...

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