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Sporge Flooding Usenet - Google Blogoscoped
Aug 16, 2007 ... Apparently, many usenet discussion groups are undergoing sporge flooding attacks recently. “Sporgery is the disruptive act of posting a flood of ...

Proposal for a Google Newsgroup
Aug 17, 2007 ... Now that the original general Google newsgroup is broken so that newbies to Usenet can't post there (you need ...

New Google Groups Beta - Google Blogoscoped
Oct 4, 2006 ... There's now a redesigned Google Groups beta site available at groups-beta. Google Groups mixes a usenet archive with Google's ...

International Removals of Google Results - Google Blogoscoped
Jun 12, 2007 ... Germany: Usenet group post removal due to incitement to hatred (2006); Germany: Usenet posts removal due do conflict with a law against ...

google Group- Archived/remove option ?
7 years ago #. Ionut Your correct – "this is a Usenet group " ... There is a widely- implemented NNTP header used for Usenet newsgroups:

Why Google Buys Companies - Google Blogoscoped
Feb 25, 2008 ... In 2001, Google acquired Deja's usenet archive. This seems to have been done simply to get more data... the archive contained over 500 ...

Google Yahoo Comparison | Memespread Analyzer | Blogs by ...
Aug 27, 2004 ... The new Memespread Analyzer will let you enter any keyword to track its Usenet popularity over time. For example, you can enter “Madonna” ...

Guess the Year of the Google Quote  (2009-03-04)
When this blog started, Google didn't have a single blog, but they did have press releases. Can you guess the year of the quotes from past Google press rele ...

Google Distorting Info on 20% Time?  (2008-03-24)
Commercials lie, including the ones by Google, as a statement by Gmail inventor Paul Buchheit would suggest. Here's the quote from the commercial by (now ex ...

New Google Groups releases  (2010-12-08)
posting to Usenet newsgroup from new UI is disabled now :|

How to immediately subscribe to replies to question in Google Groups?  (2010-10-15)
> Why is there such a delay in Google Groups anyway, does > anyone know? Google Groups grew out of Usenet News which uses the NNTP protocol. This is a "pull ...

Peter Norvig on Being Wrong  (2010-08-04)
Beyond the failed products, how many companies has Google had to buy because it didn't have the great idea first? Even companies that were operating right in ...

Google Groups censoring searches?  (2009-07-23)
For the record, yes, Google has been censoring Usenet posts* -- not sure about your particular tries, though. Do you have SafeSearch enabled or disabled? * h ...

Google Groups mixes a usenet

its Usenet popularity over

archive of Usenet postings

Sporge Flooding Usenet

Google Groups mixes a usenet

on top of Usenet posts,

News Usenet archive around

The relaunch looks like a good


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