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Wikipedia Nofollows Links - Google Blogoscoped
Jan 22, 2007 ... Wikipedia now adds the “nofollow” attribute to all external links. The reason given for this is to battle spam links, like those of blackhat search ...

How does Google index Wikipedia so fast?
So since Wikipedia's articles have high pagerank and change very often, Google tends to index them often. YChromosome [PersonRank 1].

All Wikipedia Links Are Now NoFollow
At Jimbo Wales' directive, all external links within the English language Wikipedia are now coded "nofollow" – this should help cut spamming ...

Photos and Wikipedia added to Google Maps - Google Blogoscoped ...
6 years ago #. One URL here, let's try Silicon Valley (where the HQ of Wikipedia is located): ... Juha-Matti ...

Google Earth Wikipedia Layer - Google Blogoscoped
Dec 10, 2006 ... This is cool; you can now add a Wikipedia data layer on top of Google Earth. Just open the Layers -> Geographic Web section in Google Earth ...

Wikipedia Charts - Google Blogoscoped
Aug 27, 2006 ... WikiCharts shows the most-visited articles from Wikipedia. Mathias Schindler of Wikimedia Germany told me the tool is quite new, and as ...

Googlers in Wikipedia ... TOMHTML [PersonRank 10]. 8 years ago #. The complete list is here! ... * Adam Bosworth

Simple Wikipedia Explains Earth
The "Simple English" Wikipedia is hilarious. I would really really love to know, if anyone has real figures on it, whether the Simple English ...

Say What!? - An HTML5 speech game  (2010-09-28)
Pau Tomàs in the forum writes: Last thursday I attended Madrid's Google Devfest and one of the things I liked the most was one of the latest additions to Go ...

Graphic Adventures, the Book  (2010-07-22)
Early last year after reading a book about Lucasfilm, I wanted much more information on my beloved games like Maniac Mansion, Secret of Monkey Island or Loom. I ...

Google Games?  (2010-07-12)
TechCrunch writes: "Google has quietly (secretly, one might say) invested somewhere between $100 million and $200 million in social gaming behemoth Zynga, we've ...

A Google Icon Game for Pac-Man's Birthday  (2010-05-22)
The special Google homepage doodle for today is both logo and game... namely, the classic Pac-Man with a level that contains the Google letters. The game is ...

Doodle Father's day Poland  (2012-06-26)'s_Day#Poland

Doodle Yuri Kondratyuk's 115th birthday  (2012-06-25)

Doodle J. G. Galle's birthday  (2012-06-20)

Doodle Rafael Escalona birthday  (2012-05-30) :)

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