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Variable Speed for YouTube Videos - Google Blogoscoped
Mar 8, 2010 ... If you've opted in to YouTube's HTML5 experiment, the videos will play in your own browser's player, instead of in an Adobe Flash player.

YouTube Player JavaScript API Sample
This player is not pretty or useful in itself, it's just there to illustrate the YouTube JavaScript Player API. >>More about this.

Customize YouTube Player via JavaScript API - Google Blogoscoped
Mar 14, 2008 ... Very cool: the recently released YouTube JavaScript Player API allows you to embed completely customized YouTube players, among other ...

Auto-Translation for YouTube Captions - Google Blogoscoped
Mar 8, 2009 ... The subtitles of YouTube videos can be auto-translated. If you click the arrow icon in the bottom right of a video and it shows “CC”, that means it ...

Start YouTube Video At Specific Time - Google Blogoscoped
Oct 11, 2008 ... When embedding a YouTube video, you can add a “start” parameter to define the number of seconds at which the video should start, as Google ...

YouTube With Auto-Subtitles Option for All English Videos
Mar 4, 2010 ... TechCrunch reports that YouTube announced they will roll out auto-captions to all English videos now, for content creators who want this ...

YouTube Videos Being Muted - Google Blogoscoped
Jan 15, 2009 ... If YouTube starts being thorough about this, you can expect to see a significant percentage of all YouTube videos muted. The implications are a ...

YouTube Comments Audio Preview - Google Blogoscoped
Oct 9, 2008 ... YouTube's comment box now has an Audio Preview button – like on this video – which reads the comment back to you using text-to-speech ...

Color Sound Machine (and what else I've been doing lately)  (2011-08-15)
For those of you who've been wondering whether I had turned to stone, fallen into a bottomless pit, or been climbing the Himalaya... no, none of that is true, e ...

Taped an iPhone to my remote-controlled car and hit the Record button  (2010-11-15)

Corona, framework for creating iPhone/ Android/ iPad apps  (2010-10-20)
Corona is a development framework for creating apps for iPhone, Android and iPad, and from the first glance over the site I had just now it looks terrific. You ...

Looxcie, a Camera Recording Everything You See  (2010-09-20)
Looxcie is a ~$200 camera you plug into your ear, which then records everything you see, following your field of vision. Several hours are recorded, with ne ...

Why YouTube views freeze at 301?  (2012-06-27)

How to use the new YouTube interface for video pages  (2012-06-23) Via:

New Google Interface Test  (2012-06-21) una-nueva-interfaz.html

Small YouTube Redesign

Preview YouTube Design

the YouTube Homepage Cost?


YouTube Testing New User

Google-owned YouTube flips

A New, Wider YouTube Template


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