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Monday, August 04, 2003

There's nothing more relaxing than seeing a human like that

I've been into my analogies and tales so much I forget to tell what happened to the kid yesterday. I was sitting there dreaming away for about two hours, when there was this woman arriving in the evening. She was walking up to the kid, saying "David, how nice you have been". She was greeting me so I was getting up and asked her if she was the mother of the kid. She said yes, gave her kid a sandwich and said, "I was going shopping with my oldest one, so I gave the toy to my kid to watch out for himself" (her bag was full of stuff). She said her son broke something, and I was asking her about her oldest son, who was just then running towards us with a branch in his hands. I was talking some more with her, she's the daughter of a principal, her husband went to Switzerland, to make some money... "If only he's doing well, I didn't hear from him in a while". I gave my sketch to the kids before they went away.

I can tell you. If I'm really up and down and hyper there's nothing more relaxing than to see a human like that, doing normal daily stuff, lucky to walk the walk of life, getting along from day to day, someone who sees buildings being build and coming down, someone who doesn't give a thought to the passing seasons, and the passing life.

Since that time I'm out quite a bit. The kids there like me, and I'm planning to bring them little kids stuff. The more kids I see and the more playing and fighting around, the more I enjoy to watch it.

Took me some energy to convince the woman everything would be working out fine with her husband.

[There's nothing more relaxing than seeing a human like that]


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