Sorrows of a Young Man

The sorrows of a young man in the city, being a palimpsest of Goethe's Werther.

Saturday, August 23, 2003

My heart's pumping energy

I could live the happiest life if not fot the fact that I'm a fool. It's rare to find yourself in such lucky circumstances. My heart's pumping energy into my head, and it feels good. Now you see, her father loves me like a son, her kids like a father, and Jennifer...! Then there's Michael, who treats me like a real friend, the next best thing to Jenn. You should see the three of us taking walks, strolling through pub life, relaxing in the park, talking, walking. There's never been a more ridiculously funny relationship than the one we're in... and yet, it makes me want to cry.

He told me about Jenn's mother, who passed on all responsibility to her daughter before she died. Now Jennifer had to switch to the role of a mother, taking care of the house, the kids... how she handled it so well and loving, and still made it seem like it was so easy to her. So I'm walking by his side, throwing pebbles at pigeons, watching them rise up into the sky in utter hectic – only to land across the street, pretending nothing happened, going on about their everyday pigeon life.

Don't know if I told you his business here is taking off. A real talented shark when it comes to making money. Never saw anything quite like it.

[My heart's pumping energy]


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